What are enterprise chatbot platforms and what are they for?

“Bots are the new apps” says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, “Individual apps are out, Bots are in” says Gartner. While Chatbots are the new technological buzzword in the enterprise world, often less is talked about how bots are built. In this context and as someone who deployed chatbots for Fortune enterprises, start-ups and SMBs we created the below infographic to educate and give you an overview of what are enterprise chatbot platforms and why are they for.


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What are Enterprise Chatbot Platforms and What are they for

Before the advent of chatbot platforms, building a bot was a strenuous task and required sophisticated toolsets and advanced coding knowledge. A chatbot platform is a toolset or application used to conveniently build, train, deploy and manage custom AI chatbots for your enterprise.


  • Safe AI bots: Create and effectively manage secure chatbots without any privacy or security complications.
  • Manage multiple bots: IT department can control and monitor multiple bots within the enterprise using the platform.
  • Constant Training: Bots can be trained to have a persona, adopt the office jargon and understand users’ intent better.
  • Convenient Deployment: With platforms, AI-Bots need the minimum deployment time usually within days.

Key Features To Look For

  • Cognitive Abstraction: With this feature, you can leverage any AI service available today and scale for future services. You won’t be locked down to specific AI vendor or product.
  • 360° Deployment: The platform should be deployable both in on-premise and cloud environments.
  • Hasslefree Integration: The solution must be capable of integrating with enterprise LOB apps and working in tandem with current legacy systems.
  • Extensive Customization: Bots should be fully customizable according to the on-going organizational needs.

A Few Practical Use-Cases

IT helpdesk | Intranet | Business Intelligence | Customer Service | HR task |Automation

How to Get Started?

  • Identify profitable use cases within your enterprise.
  • Establish a Bot strategy.
  • Run pilot programs for multiple use cases.
  • Experiment with different platforms and review them on different parameters.

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