Boost your marketing team’s productivity and enhance customer experience with AI Chatbots!

Powered with Natural Languages Processing, Marketing chatbots equip the marketing team with the needed information and also help in boosting customer loyalty with 24/7 assistance to the customers.

Every day, your marketing team requires crucial pieces of information at work. Similarly, your customers have several queries which they want immediate answers to. A seamless assistance is not optional.

BotCore’s Marketing chatbots help both your customers and employees. These bots extract relevant insights from the information systems and bring them to the marketing staff. Besides, they also enhance the customer experience with a round-the-clock assistance and personalized responses to their queries via social messaging apps and platforms.


The 6 steps to peak performance

Seamless Marketing Assistance

Marketing bots offer a 24/7
assistance to your marketing staff as well as customers so that the support is available to them as and when they need it.

Information Accessibility

Marketing chatbots can be integrated with different analytics systems. The bots can then quickly explore these systems to retrieve crucial, reports and key marketing metrics and send them to your marketing team through messaging apps like Skype for Business, Skype, Telegram etc.

Target Base

Marketing chatbots can be easily integrated with multiple messaging apps and social media platforms. This makes them readily available for the target audience in a diverse demographies.

Cost Per Lead

Precise targeting can fetch you a better ROI on each marketing dollar spent. Thus the chatbots can bring down your cost of acquiring a new lead significantly.


You can use bots to handle high-volume non-core tasks which consume a lot of time. This ensures that your marketing team is freed up and has more time to dedicate to strategic tasks.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Using previous purchase data and social media information, the bots can answer customer queries accurately based on their preferences. The bots can also offer them personalized suggestions on shopping.

Why you should consider BotCore to build your Marketing Bot?


Botcore provides multiple pre-loaded tasks which can be customized further. Even after all the customizations done, your bot is ready to go up and running within a few weeks.


BotCore’s chatbots are compatible with all the messaging platforms that people use daily. The users can interact with bots, find answers to their queries and get the required information on their desktop or mobile devices.

Integration into Databases

It is easy to integrate BotCore’s Marketing chatbot into your data and knowledge bases. From there, it can ingest all the information to respond even to difficult queries in an almost human-level interaction.

Built to

BotCore’s framework facilitates a smooth bot management process and recording each interaction and bot’s performance. This gives you a required scalability for version control and extension of chatbot application.

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