Use retail chatbots to offer your customers an enhanced
shopping experience

Use retail chatbots to offer your customers a better customer service and reduce your man-hours significantly

Current shopping model often turns out to be a not-so-pleasant experience to your customers as well as employees. Reasons – unnecessary intervention from salespeople, several recurring customers questions, finding the right product at right time, inconvenient store navigation etc.

With BotCore’s bot building platform, you can build retail bots that can help your customers with locating and selecting a product and making recommendations. The bots can also send them personalized marketing alerts and store invitation, collect their feedback and solve almost all their queries. And importantly, they free up your store staff from various monotonous responsibilities.

Know how BotCore helped a major company solve Retail operations challenges

The 4 steps to peak performance

Personal Shopping Assistant

Retail chatbot can help answer the queries of the customers in a human-level interaction and help them pick what they are looking for during any time of the day. It can recommend products based on the customer preference.

Improved Customer Experience

The bots will set a new benchmark for the shopping experience. Personalised assistance, convenient shopping, and easy navigation through the store will surely result in a never-before experience for the customers.

Productive Marketing

Retail bots send out automated alerts such as personalised promotions, news, offers etc. to your customers through push notifications. This focused marketing approach assures better lead conversion-ratio.

Better Familiarity with Customers

Over interactions with customers, the bot gathers a sizeable amount of data about the customers. This data can give you crucial insights into their buying behaviour which will enable you to offer them more personalised services.

Why should you consider BotCore to build your Retail Bot?

Customer Service

Botcore’s retail bot can handle the most difficult questions from the customers. It can extract their behavioural patterns and enhance their shopping experience with personalised alerts and services.

In-store Assistance

With retail bot, create an effective combination of traditional model and AI to optimise in-store assistance to the customers. Use it to make product recommendations, make shopping pleasant and collect their feedback.

Customer Acquisition

The conversational interface engages your prospective customers well and collects their contact details. This way, you can reach a wider base of your potential clients through bots and let them interact with your brand.



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