Banking Bots

Provide a 24/7  personalized banking experience for your customers with an AI chatbot!

Banking Bots

Banking Bots - a dedicated Virtual banker

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Banking customers often have to go through a lengthy menu of financial products to identify the best suitable option. Besides, they have to put up with a long wait in support calls before their queries, such as account information and balance inquiries, are answered. BotCore’s, bot building platform, assists the banking and financial sector in building bots that can provide personalized banking assistance to your customers round the clock. Bots have the ability to handle customer requests and queries like an expert and send out alert and notification to ensure stronger engagement.
For financial institutions, processes like new customer acquisition, financial recommendations, customer behavior analysis, fraud detection are better achieved using chatbots and machine learning capabilities.  For enhanced decision-making capabilities, bots are imbibed with the best of conversation user experience (CUX) capabilities coupled with data ingestion models.

Key Benefits

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24/7 Helpdesk
Improved Customer Experience

Banking bots will address the banking queries and hand and initiate the requests of your customers. Availability of such 24/7 personal assistance is sure to facelift their experience.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

This self-sufficient single and self-sufficient interface does not require your customers to download a separate application for the chatbots. Besides, regular automatic bot updates reduce the maintenance and cost.

Consultative Help
Minimal Required Supports

Advanced machine learning makes a banking bot an expert without a need for human intervention. Customers can interact with them on any preferred medium.

Familiarity With Customers
Impressive Reach

Banking bots will address the banking queries and hand and initiate the requests of your customers. Availability of such 24/7 personal assistance is sure to facelift their experience.

Working Hours
Saving Man-hours

These bots can handle an process almost any banking activity including loan and buying/selling requests. This saves you a lot of human hours which can be utilised in tasks involving human touch.

Conversational Interface
Better Customer Insights

With chatbots and machine learning, you can analyse the queries and purchases of your customers. Acting on these insights can result in stronger customer engagement, relationship and loyalty.

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Know How Botcore Helped A Major Financial Services Company Solve Banking Operations Challenges

Why BotCore ?

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Increased Employee Satisfaction

User-friendly Application

Banking bot facilitates a two-way communication with your customers using their preferred channels.


Data Protection

Botcore’s chatbot protects the data privacy by encryption. The bank administration will have complete and end to end control over all the data transmitted securely between its customers and the bot.

Intervention Alerts

Automated Notifications

Automated alerts to your customers regarding promotions, new launches and payment reminders can bring to you marketing and operational efficiencies.

Machine Learning

Efficient Machine Learning

With advanced machine learning features, you can integrate it with your internal systems and databases.

Easier Deployment

On-premise Deployment

With their 99% uptime, you can deploy your banking bots on the cloud or your own servers which can interact with your customers with quick responses.

Analysis And Cntrole

Analysis And Control

You can monitor the usage and performance of the chatbots on a single dashboard and carry out needed version control.

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