Besides handling all basic queries of the end users efficiently, BotCore’s bots understand when human intervention is needed.

Bots have the perfect arm of transferring the conversations to live agents when necessary – ensuring maximum CSAT and efficiency.

Advancements in AI have enabled chatbots to become excellent first-line assistance to handle basic user queries. However, it is also true that they cannot replace the human touch. There are times when they need to transition the conversation to a live agent for complex queries/tasks.

BotCore’s smart chatbots are able to analyze user sentiment and preference during an interaction, and smoothly transfer the call to a human agent if the user wants to talk to one.
Additionally, they enable the agents to assist users from various geographies, by providing a multilingual support.


How BotCore helped an organization boost its customer satisfaction index by assisting the human service agents to deliver an enhanced service

Popular Use cases

Capturing basic information

The bot captures basic details from the user like name, address, information about the problem etc. before transitioning the conversation to a human agent. Agents don’t have to spend time collecting such information and can focus solely on solving the problem.


Powered with AI & machine learning, the bot can quickly differentiate between basic issues which it can solve by itself and the ones that need to be handed over to a human agent.

Helping users

As soon as the bot learns that a human intervention is required, it presents users with an option to “chat with an agent”. Once the user clicks the option, an agent takes over the conversation.

Leveraging data and scenarios

Based on the information received from the user and the problem scenario, the bot quickly analyzes whether or not it can handle the conversation.


The bot uses natural language processing and sentiment analysis to understand the user sentiment and behaviour. If the bot detects that the user is getting frustrated, it provides an option to transfer the conversation to an agent.


At times, IT support agents just want to monitor bot conversations instead of completely taking control. In such cases, bot can privately take agent authorization for the solution it wants to prescribe before actually suggesting it to the user. The bot still completes most of the work but leaves the final call to the agent.

How bot-to-human handoff enhances customer experience


Natural Language Processing

Using NLP and sentiment analysis, our bots are able to gauge the mood of the user and ascertain if they need to talk to a live human agent.

complex situation


Our bots are trained to understand the criticality of the conversation where a human intervention is required.For example, if there is a conditional query based on practical circumstances.



Once the bot transfers the call to an agent, it also shares the conversation history with him/her in form of a chat or email. This help in getting the context immediately and prevents repetition.


Agent Observation

BotCore also makes sure that if a chatbot has to make a critical suggestion or recommendation to a user, it confirms the action with a human agent before doing so.


Multilingual Support

When your customers are spread across multiple geographies, our bots can translate their queries for the human agents while routing the communication. This is instrumental in ensuring customer satisfaction.

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