What is BotCore?

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Over the past few years, we have helped several enterprises build & launch bots to meet the needs of their employees, customers and vendors. After observing several enterprise scenarios, large landscape of user intents and common pain points across various departments, we spent more than 15 person-years of research, design & development to build a highly flexible and powerful enterprise bot builder platform – “BotCore”.

BotCore is an accelerator that enables organizations to train, build & launch customized conversational bots powered by artificial intelligence. Using “Cognitive Abstraction” it can leverage any AI service available today and will scale for future services.

BotCore today powers chatbots at several Fortune 100 & large enterprises.

Take a look at our top-Performing Chatbots!

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Sales Assistant

Help sales with assistance on the go

IT Helpdesk Bot

Reduce helpdesk resolution times

Intranet Bot

Quick assistance driving adoption

Deployment and Integration

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  • BotCore is fully deployable on both on-premise and cloud (Microsoft Azure) environments.

  • Connect your existing bots across different technologies into BotCore to create your virtual assistant network.

  • BotCore can aggregate LUIS bots, QnA Maker bots, Power Virtual Agents and other third-party bots.

  • The solution can be integrated with enterprise LOB apps and works in tandem with existing legacy systems, making it a highly competent solution for the global market.

  • BotCore works efficiently with any kind of data source and also integrates with your existing AI cognitive services platforms from Microsoft.

  • The Cognitive Service Abstraction component provides an abstraction layer to industry standard AI cognitive services, across text, speech, vision (image) and custom machine learning algorithms. The abstraction layer ensures that the rest of your bot implementation will not be affected 

BotCore is the most complete enterprise Bot builder used by the largest enterprises in the world

Our Customers Around The World

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Chatbot Conversations

Guided Conversations

This feature lets the bot guide the user during the course of the conversation by providing helpful hints and options. By carefully designing the bot’s conversations, the user can feel in control of the bot, and you can design the bot to take the user in a particular direction that you want.

Chatbot Virtual Assistant Network

Virtual Assistant Network

Connect multiple bots in your enterprise with BotCore to create a network of virtual assistants. Built in support for LUIS, QnA Maker and Power Virtual Agents integrate with other 3rd party bots from other platforms. Unified NLP using dispatcher to route incoming user requests.

Bot Persona

Create a bot and make it your own. Give it a name, use enterprise branding and tone of voice that matches the culture. Having a persona goes a long way in its adoption. The personas let the user think that he is talking to an actual human being rather than a software.

Chatbot Composer

Composer Ready

BotCore is integrated with Microsoft Bot Framework Composer and Language Generation (LG) to use the cutting edge tools from Microsoft directly inside your bot without the hassles of any technical development or deployment. With composer as an option to build dialogs, you can all the power the chatbot.

Chatbot Security


BotCore lets you set security parameters for your enterprise based on your need. BotCore currently provides 5 security parameters:
1. User Authentication
2. User Authorization
3. Multi-Factor Authentication
4. One-Time Authorization
5. Channel Authorization

Chatbot Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph

Build bot conversations with an integrated Knowledge Graph consisting of multi-functional nodes. Organizations can use these capabilities to quickly build complex conversations. With the help of the graph, your bot can efficiently handle the most complex conversations by assessing the user input and jumping to the correct node.

Chatbot Guided Conversations

Conversational System

Bots can respond to users in both text and rich media formats. BotCore uses Message Definition Language (MDL) to define bot responses.


Bots can initiate a conversation with users based on business rules and/or triggers. The possibilities of having triggers is numerous.

Chatbot Error Handling

Error Handling

Error messages are often confusing and meaningless. Error handling makes bots more graceful and provides detailed information if the user is stuck at any place.

Chatbot Integrations


This feature provides industry standard means of integrating with other applications and databases. You can integrate your bot with practically any LOB systems and extract data from it.

Chatbot Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Our bots continuously track the sentiment of user’s phrases. This is tracked and a conversation level sentiment score can be obtained via reports. Use this opportunity to gauge the sentiment level in your organization.


Like all enterprises and businesses around the world, bots too need to be managed and maintained. BotCore has copious modules, modes and logs to choose from.

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