What is BotCore?

Over the past few years, we have helped several enterprises build & launch bots to meet the needs of their employees, customers and vendors. After observing several enterprise scenarios, large landscape of user intents and common pain points across various departments, we spent more than 15 person-years of research, design & development to build a highly flexible and powerful enterprise bot builder platform – “BotCore”.

BotCore is an accelerator that enables organizations to train, build & launch customized conversational bots powered by artificial intelligence. Using “Cognitive Abstraction” it can leverage any AI service available today and will scale for future services.

BotCore today powers chatbots at several Fortune 100 & large enterprises.

Take a look at our top-performing bots!



A Sales Intelligent Assistant to help your sales team improve top line revenue by helping them make informed decisions.



World’s first chatbot for SharePoint Intranet that helps mitigate intranet adoption challenges and keeps your employees connected.

IT Helpdesk Bot

IT help desk

IT Helpdesk Bot uses machine learning to provide answers to repetitive support requests, thereby improving helpdesk response rate

In addition to these, Acuvate’s AI powered assistants are also used for Operations, HR, learning, development, legal, marketing administration and various other departments.

Deployment and Integration

  • BotCore is fully deployable on both on-premise and cloud (Microsoft Azure, AWS etc.) environments.
  • The solution can be integrated with enterprise LOB apps and works in tandem with existing legacy systems, making it a highly competent solution for the global market.
  • BotCore works efficiently with any kind of data source and also integrates with your existing AI cognitive services platforms like Google AI, Amazon AI, IBM Watson, etc.
  • The Cognitive Service Abstraction component provides an abstraction layer to industry standard AI cognitive services, across text, speech, vision (image) and custom machine learning algorithms. The abstraction layer ensures that the rest of your bot implementation will not be affected.
  • Finally, with BotCore, you will not be locked into any specific AI service vendor or product!


Knowledge Base

Every bot building platform requires a knowledge base. BotCore’s knowledge base acts like a nerve center for your bots so that they can respond to supported questions and operations that a user requests from it.

Conversation System

As bots thrive on the conversational aspect of communication, it is imperative to define their responses. Acuvate’s BotCore uses Message Definition Language (MDL) to define bot responses.


BotCore have five types/levels of authorization:

  • User Authentication and User Authorization
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • One Time Authorization
  • Channel Authorization

Bots can initiate a conversation with users based on business rules and/or triggers. The possibilities of having triggers is numerous.


Like all enterprises and businesses around the world, bots too need to be managed and maintained. BotCore has copious modules, modes and logs to choose from.

Guided Conversations

This feature lets the bot guide the user during the course of the conversation by providing helpful hints and options. By carefully designing the bot’s conversations, the user can feel in control of the bot, and you can design the bot to take the user in a particular direction that you want.

Bot Persona

Create personas with this feature. Having a persona goes a long way in its adoption. The personas let the user think that he is talking to an actual human being rather than a software.

Error Handling

Error messages are often confusing and meaningless. Error handling makes bots more graceful and provides detailed information if the user is stuck at any place.


This feature provides industry standard means of integrating with other applications and databases. You can integrate your bot with practically any LOB systems and extract data from it.


Our bots continuously track the sentiment of user’s phrases. This is tracked and a conversation level sentiment score can be obtained via reports. Use this opportunity to gauge the sentiment level in your organization.

Why BotCore?

80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020! – Business Insider

Integrable in both cloud and on-premise environments, BotCore allows you to deploy enterprise chatbots, train, and administer them according to your needs.

Using BotCore, bots can be effectively used and conveniently managed by enterprises.

BotCore allows:

Complete control and monitoring of bots.

Deployment of secure AI assistants that cause zero security or privacy issues.

Flexibility to choose and integrate the best AI services as they mature.

Bots to be used by unlimited users.

Extensive customization of bots according to on-going organizational requirements.

Building of bots which can be deployed on both on-premise and cloud environments.

One time fee for each bot implementation*

* (additional service charges apply based on the requirement analysis)

BotCore has inbuilt support for a number of conversation channels across text, voice and custom channels. To provide multi-channel support, we leverage Microsoft Bot Framework.

Conversational Channels

BotCore is one of the world’s first bot building platforms that provides industry standard means of integrating with other applications and databases.

BotCore is an accelerator that can leverage any AI service available today and will scale for future services.

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