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build next gen digital assistants using botCore v4


Whats BotCore?

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BotCore is an enterprise bot builder platform built on Azure that brings the latest innovations from Microsoft and Acuvate in a single powerful package.  Build, train & launch smart Enterprise Digital Assistants within days. Develop a chatbot from scratch or plug-in your existing QnA Maker & LUIS bots into BotCore and unlock features like rich dynamic responses, speech responses, GDPR/Privacy, API actions, Human Hand-Off, RPA Hand-Off & much more, with zero code. BotCore V4 powers B2C, B2E & B2B chatbots for multiple large global enterprises.

powerful visual designer

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BotCore Visual Response designer allows an author to manage rich responses like buttons, carousels, adaptive cards etc. and visualize the conversation before publishing to end users. Take your existing bots to the next level.


multiple child bots

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Build & Train an Enterprise Digital Assistant persona of your choice and add multiple child bots to it. We have taken care of the plumbing required for aggregator bot to child bot communication.

knowledge graph

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Using BotCore Knowledge Graph, you can train complex multi-turn dialogs with slots, actions, rules, fallback and more. Supercharge your existing bots by creating intuitive conversations.


human in the loop

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Easily escalate a conversation to a human agent using rules or failure conditions. BotCore comes with a built-in live chat support app for your agents or you can integrate your existing live chat software as well. Eliminate user frustration and drive higher adoption.

hand-off tasks to RPA robots

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Connect your front office support to back-office automation by triggering an RPA automation bot directly from the chat session. Users will experience a seamless end to end experience.

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user feedback & reporting

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Easily and quickly capture user feedback via adaptive cards or reactions on Teams. Get detailed Power BI reports with more than 30 enterprise chatbot KPI and bot analytics dashboards. Eliminate guess work from your chatbot rollout.

API integration

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Easily integrate your existing APIs into BotCore via Azure Functions. These can then be configured within conversations. Truly democratize AI at all levels across your organization.


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