Enhance your supply chain and logistics operations and deliver a stellar customer experience with AI Chatbots!

Supply chain chatbots are proving to be an effective solution in streamlining operations and strengthening customer relationships

Supply chain is a complex process. They require inevitably organized workflows, a great amount of inter-team coordination and efficient user information management. In this highly competitive landscape, traditional UI and difficult navigations of apps  may affect the user experience negatively.

BotCore’s chatbots offer a Conversational User Interface solutions for your supply chain and logistics operations. Right from placing orders to processing payments and tracking orders, these bots can take up all high volume tasks. With easier data retrieval and better interaction with ERP systems, bots are instrumental in transforming the user experience.


The 6 steps to peak performance


24/7 Assistance

You don’t need a dedicated human support to book an order, track a shipment or answer customer queries. Bots offer a ceaseless support round the clock.

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End-to-end Bot Support

Supply chain chatbots can handle a wide range of tasks such as paperwork, procurement, purchase placement, payment processing etc. They also alert the staff when a human intervention is needed.

Customer service

Real-time Tracking

In logistics, order visibility and time are of utmost importance. Bots eliminate long service queues and share a real-time status of the order to the customers.

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Better Customer Relationships

Easy navigation, reduced waiting time and real-time information in a conversational manner result in an enhanced customer experience and thus improved customer relationships.

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Conversational Interface

Bots get the users rid of complex UI and engage with them in a human-like contextual conversation. Therefore the users get personalized responses to their queries.



Bots use advanced machine learning in the supply chain. They grow smarter with each interaction and thus the operations continue to become more efficient over time.

Why you should consider BotCore to build your Chatbots for Supply Chain and Logistics?



BotCore provides a 99% uptime which means there is almost no lag in bot response and your customers get the required information on the go.


Integration with Enterprise Systems

BotCore’s chatbots can be easily integrated with your existing enterprise systems and applications such as websites, messaging channels, databases and internal apps.

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Bots record each user interaction and equip you with valuable insights which you can use to modify your strategies for better performance.

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Although the bots become wiser over interactions, you can still be on top of their performance using a dashboard and take required corrective measures to improve them.

operational effeciency

Maintenance and Support

BotCore also assists you with regular maintenance and other support related to your bots. Therefore, you get a seamless and ceaseless support from your bots.

employee productivity

Right Information at the right time

Providing the right information to the right people at the right time is a major challenge for most suppliers. With bots, you can ensure a transparent supply chain visibility for your partners, customers and dealers. Customers can seamlessly track shipments 24/7.

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