BotCore’s AI chatbots for educational institutions improve teachers’ efficiency and create seamless student experience

BotCore’s chatbot for educational institutions is an excellent means to revamp your current teaching model and enhance the overall campus experience for your students.

Your students have a lot of questions and learning needs and they need an immediate assistance on it. Assigning a dedicated human staff to addresses this may not be effective as human resources have certain limitations.

BotCore brings chatbots in education that enable teachers to reach, teach and counsel their students, address student queries on-the-go and help them learn faster with an innovative pedagogical approach.

How BotCore helped a renowned university build a chatbot to upgrade teaching methods and upgrade student experience


Anytime Assistance

With chatbots at work, students do not have to wait to get their queries addressed and obtain the information they are looking for. Unlike human staff, educational bots are available 24/7.

employee productivity

Innovative Teaching

The bots engage with the students in a human-level conversation on any academic topic and help them learn quicker through innovative means of education such as visuals, speech, video etc.

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Wider Reach to Students

Higher education chatbots allow the teachers to reach more students anytime. The bots also help them schedule messages for their students such as sending them notifications, reminders or test results.

Personal Assitance

Student Feedback

Chatbots are an excellent way to gather a 360-degree feedback. It gives the students a chance to give their feedback about teachers, teaching and experience, and explain their claims.

Why you should consider BotCore to build chatbot for your educational institution?


No Programming Knowledge Required

Building your chatbot with BotCore is an easy process. You do not have to know any programming or coding knowledge to build and deploy your education chatbot.


Fast Deployment

BotCore’s chatbots for universities come with many pre-loaded templates to help the teacher kick them off immediately and keep them running. You can deploy you bots within a few weeks.


Accessibility on Messaging Channels

BotCore chatbots can be easily integrated with all common messaging channels. Therefore, the teachers can send notifications to the students which they can access using their smartphones.


Advanced Machine Learning

BotCore’s higher education chatbots are equipped with advanced machine learning. They record and get better with each interaction. Using previous interactions, the bots can also be trained to run guided conversations.



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