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Watch how Sales Intelligent Assistant (SIA) Bot can streamline, supervise and automate your sales conversions across the organization

Your Sales bots can save a lot of time for your Sales team and help them get more value on their time

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A significant amount of the sales team is invested in data pulling, record maintenance, customer interactions and other administrative tasks, thus leaving them less time to focus on their core business.

With BotCore’s bot building platform, you can create Bots that can provide your team required data and status, answer their questions, and take up their time-consuming low-priority responsibilities. This can help them generate more value of their time.

The 4 Steps To Peak Performance

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Information When Needed
Information When Needed

Sales bot can retrieve the required information from the company’s databases and provide it to the team as and when they need it. The information is accessible to them on all internal communication and collaboration channels on their personal devices.

Virtual Sales Assistance
Virtual Sales Assistance

The 24/7 AI assistance can send real-time alerts to the sales team and give them data on key metrics like revenue, market movement and product performance. It can also follow up with the low-priority leads which the team does not have time to attend to.

Handling Administrative Tasks
Handling Administrative Tasks

Sales bots can bring an impressive time saving by taking up repeated administrative tasks like report preparation and record keeping. Studies suggest these tasks consume more than 50% of a sales representative.

Human Level Interaction
Human-level Interaction

The conversational interface of the bot allows it to process natural language and respond quickly to help the team in faster decision-making. The bot can handle complex questions and converse in an almost human manner.

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know how botcore helped a major company solve challenges related to their sales operations

Why you should consider BotCore to build your Sales Bot?

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Pre Designed Templates

Pre-designed Templates

BotCore’s ready-to-create framework offers you pre-designed Bot templates for the most common enterprise needs. You can further customise the bot suiting your CRM requirements.

Easier Deployment

Quick Deployment

Botcore helps you in quick Sales bot deployment. With several pre-loaded sales-related tasks, even after your required customisations done, your bot will be ready to go within a few weeks.


Integration Into Database

You can integrate the bot into your ERP and CRM systems and internal databases and it can ingest all required data, making the information available on fingertips.


Built To Scale

BotCore’s framework allows you to deploy and manage your bot easily, giving you a required scalability. You can improve the capability and extend the application of a Bot to meet your requirements optimise overall business.

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