Maximize Office 365 adoption

by personalizing the experience for each employee using an AI-powered chatbot Buddy 365 
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Did You Know?

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According to Gartner, the path to maximizing ROI is by exploiting the full potential of Office 365 Subscriptions
According to Microsoft, 30% or less of end users know how to use Office 365 beyond Outlook and Microsoft Office

Buddy365 is a pre-trained bot and comes with a core domain understanding of Office 365 workloads. We are constantly enhancing its knowledge base to account for new features that Microsoft is rolling out in Office365. This knowledge base is open for you to customize as per your organization’s governance and support needs.

BotCore, Acuvate’s enterprise chatbot building platform, introduced Buddy365 – which is integrated with Office365 and is focused on driving the adoption and helping organizations optimally utilize the benefits of Office365.

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With Buddy365, BotCore aims to drive Office 365 adoption at the workplace and provide a high-quality user experience.


How BotCore’s Buddy365 helped a large organization maximize its Office 365 ROI

A Personalized Office365 Adoption Bot

Ask and Answer

Buddy365 can clarify employee queries, encourage them to share ideas, conduct polls and quizzes and collect feedback. They can also connect and point users to Office 365 resources on Microsoft sites

Communicate And Educate

It can be leveraged for a smooth flow of horizontal and vertical communication across the organization. You can also use them to educate your employees on Office 365 capabilities.

Implement and Measure

The Office 365 bot can ensure a successful implementation of various initiatives such as YamJams. They can further measure and report the effectiveness of these initiatives.

Employee-centric Experience

Bots record all the interactions with each employee separately and offer a personalized response to their queries based on previous conversations. This expedites responses and decision making.

Dedicated Assistance

Chatbots are available to the users through web and mobile ensuring that your employees have an anytime and anywhere access to a seamless assistance.

Performing Frequent Tasks

A bot can perform a variety of tasks for the users including scheduling tasks and meetings and adding them on Outlook, setting automatic replies, creating a team or a new site and adding users etc.

Integration Available With

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Why you should consider BotCore to build your chatbot for Office 365?

ready to use
Ready To Use

Buddy365 is a ready-to-use chatbot which comes with a core understanding of Office365. This means the deployment is convenient and quicker.


Understanding that each business has a unique set of needs, BotCore allows you to customize Buddy365 so that it fits your business needs and objectives.

Chatbot Maintenance

Besides bot building, you get ongoing maintenance and support services from BotCore so that your Buddy365 continues to deliver high performance without unwanted hiccups.


Buddy365 comes loaded with multilingual settings. You can leverage this feature to communicate with your colleague in different geographies effectively and increase efficiency through better collaboration.

Bot Administration

Buddy 365 also helps with scalability. BotCore enables you to monitor the performance of the bot and user satisfaction levels using a single dashboard.

Trusted Association

Having served 100+ clients globally over last 10 years, with over 15 packaged IP solutions and tools, 300 SharePoint and over 50 BI and analytics implementations, Acuvate assures you of a trusted partnership with it.

Microsoft Gold Certification

Being a Gold partner, Acuvate enjoys exclusive access to Microsoft benefits and holds expertise over Office 365 applications.




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