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Insurance Bot

Virtual Insurance Manager Delivering Valuable Insights

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When it comes to choosing the right policy for their coverage needs, customers have a lot of questions. Similarly, the claim-filing process can be quite taxing for them. What is worse is that the human support is not always accessible to them.

Now you can build your own Insurance bot using BotCore’s bot building platform. It can answer all insurance related queries, process claims and is always available at the ease of a smartphone.

Benefits with BotCore

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Customer Education

Insurance bots can educate customers on how insurance process works, compare policies and select the best one for them.

Streamlined Process
Claim Processing

The conversational interface can manage and process insurance claims for your customers. It can also follow up with them on the existing ones, cutting down on their worries.

Payment Method
Payment Assistance

The bot can remind your customers of the upcoming payments and facilitate their payment process. And it only uses the messenger channels they prefer.

Reduced Manual Efforts
Lead Profiling

Based on their queries, the bot can profile the leads and provide them the quotes. The data thus gathered can be valuable to the sales team.

Better Utilisation Of Support Staff
Anytime Support

With Insurance bots, your customers will always have a dedicated 24/7 personal assistant taking care of their insurance-related needs.

Assist Knowledge
Efficient Human Workforce

By handling numerous monotonous and time-consuming tasks, the bots can help the employees utilise their time more efficiently.

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know how botcore helped a major insurance company solve insurance operations challenges

Why you should consider BotCore to build your Insurance Bot?

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Easier Deployment

Easy Deployment

These bots can be deployed on any messenger platform your customers are using daily.

Customer View

Individual Customer View

The chatbot can record all the interactions with individual customers. This organized profiling can help you design a personalized marketing plan.

Less Human

Less Human Intervention

By handling numerous monotonous and time-consuming tasks, the bots can reduce the human intervention and minimize the need of huge sales team.

System Integration

System Integration

You can train your bot by integrating it into your internal databases like CRM and Salesforce. With increased machine learning, it will only grow smarter.

Enterprise Application

On-Premise Deployment

With their 99% uptime, you can deploy your banking bots on the cloud or your own servers which can interact with your customers with quick responses.

Analysis And Cntrole

Analysis And Insights

You can monitor performance of the chatbots and figure out what is working and what is not. This will enable you to modify your strategies.

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