FAQ Chatbots

Leverage Acuvate’s FAQ chatbot to reduce your support volume and costs

Faq Chatbots

BotCore’s FAQ chatbots save volumes of support staff bandwidth and cut down the support costs significantly

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Most of the bandwidth of customer agents, IT and HR helpdesk staff is consumed in handling repetitive customer and employee queries. These lost man-hours mean a concerning loss of productivity, efficiency and increased support costs.

BotCore, an Intelligent bot building platform, brings FAQ chatbots that handle simple and repetitive employee and customer queries and reduce low-value tickets. The saved bandwidth can lead to higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Here is how FAQ chatbots benefit your organization

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24/7 Helpdesk
Human Hand-off Interactions

Chatbots are available 24/7 to give personalized responses to user queries. In case of a complex query, they can hand off the conversation to a live agent or raise a ticket.

On-premise Or Cloud Deployment
Employee Self-service

Chatbots provide your employees with self-service options and cut down their dependency on the IT and helpdesk staff. This improves ESAT, and decision making.

Improved Employee Productivity
Machine Learning

Machine learning features enable the chatbots to learn from each interaction and become smarter. This improves the accuracy and efficacy of their support over time.

Low Maintenance
Response Automation

FAQ bots are especially helpful in large organizations. They can automatically respond to frequent questions on the company’s products, services, policies, etc. saving the time for employees and customers looking for answers.

Improved Productivity

Acuvate’s FAQ chatbot takes care of these simpler questions and allows IT service desk agents to focus on more complex queries, thereby saving time and cost while greatly improving support efficiency.

Conversational Interface
Gathering New Insight

Bots can collect valuable insights on new questions or topics that the employees have on their mind. This can enable the management to modify their internal strategies.

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know how botcore’s FAQ bots helped a large enterprise reduce-it and customer support costs

Why you should consider BotCore to build your FAQ Bot?

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No Responcive Lag

Real-time Response

With a zero or minimal downtime, BotCore ensures that its bots continue to function without a lag in response and the users have their answers in real-time.

Easier Deployment

Smooth Deployment

BotCore allows you to customize the bots as per your business needs. It requires no coding or apps and your bots are ready to be deployed within a few weeks.

System Integration

Integration With Knowledge Bases And Digital Channels

BotCore’s FAQ bots can integrate with different applications and knowledge bases. This includes ITSM tools like ServiceNow, Remedy etc. CRM tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 etc. LOB systems, SharePoint intranets and various other knowledge management systems.

Chatbot Building

Bot Administration And

You can measure the performance of your bot using a simple dashboard and take corrective steps accordingly. Besides, BotCore offers bot maintenance and support services so that your bots continue to run efficiently.

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