Business Intelligence Bots

Use chatbots to get granular business insights on-the-go and make data backed business decisions!

Business Intelligence Bot

Access business Intelligence at the Sign of a conversation

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To make the business succeed in a competitive market, business leaders need to stay updated about internal and external business trends and insights. However, instant access to these insights is crucial.

With BotCore, organizations can now build Business Intelligent chatbots which, through a conversational interface, provide decision-makers critical business metrics instantly on their mobile device or desktop through a messaging app. Business Intelligence Chatbots equip the decision makers with data-driven insights and help them make crucial business decisions in a faster and cost-effective manner.

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24/7 Helpdesk
24/7 Personalized Assistance

Unlike human workforce, chatbots do not require time-offs and they are available round the clock to provide a personalized assistance to every user.

Control Over Your Systems
Quicker Access to Data

BI chatbots can browse and process databases and multiple sources of information in a few seconds and come back with required data and analytics instantly, irrespective of the number of queries and searches.

Accurate Results

The absence of human intervention and smart machine learning features leave little room for errors. Hence the answers provided by the chatbot and accurate and dependable.

Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

The conversational interface uses AI, natural language processing and machine learning to engage in a human-level chat and yields precise results to user queries by understanding their intent.

Variety Of Tasks
Automated Tasks

Administrative tasks such as data entry and storage are often in high volumes and consume a lot of human hours. Chatbots automate such tasks and saves a considerable amount of time for your team.

Consultative Help
Intra-firm Deployment

Chatbots are scalable and can be customized. Their application can be extended to other functions and departments and thus they can streamline the workflow across the organization.

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Know How botcore helped a leading organization build a BI chatbot which helped them become analytical competitors in their industry

Why should you consider BotCore to build your Business Intelligence Bot?

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Easier Deployment

Easy building and deployment

BotCore’s chatbots are easy to build. This bot building platform helps you build and deploy your BI chatbot faster. You do not even need to know about coding and programming.


Data Security

Your BI chatbot offers an enterprise-grade security. With multi-factor authentication and glitch-proof authorization process, it assures you that your valuable data is always protected.

System Integration

Seamless Integration

BI bots are easy to integrate with your organization’s databases and existing BI software. You can also use BotCore to create bots for SAP, Power BI, Oracle, etc.

Intervention Alerts


Based on a user’s role, department and location, and previous queries, the BI chatbot can send him/her personalized and relevant data updates, anomalies, alerts etc. in real-time.

No Responcive Lag

Response Time

BotCore’s chatbots come with a 99% uptime. This means there is no lag while communicating with the bots and the decision makers have the analytics in almost no time.

Anywhere Access

Access through Messaging Apps

It can be easily integrated into common messaging apps such as Skype, Slack, Facebook messenger etc. Hence the users do not have to shuffle through multiple apps or dashboards.

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