HR Bots

Your 24/7 digital assistant improving employee communications and queries, enhancing employee engagement and amplifying HR productivity.

Hr Bots

Now your employees can interact with HR Virtual Agents to get any HR related question answered

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Organizations with a large workforce often face the challenge of reducing cost per contact and ensuring that employee engagement, performance and HR efficiency is at an optimum level.

BotCore’s bot building platform helps you create Bots that can have human-level interactions with your employees and answer them quickly and efficiently.

the 4 steps to peak performance

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24/7 Helpdesk
Reduced Manual Intervention

Your employees now can use their mobile device to connect with a HR Bot via your intranet or an app and get all their questions answered, saving time and effort and improving overall employee satisfaction.

Reduced Cost Per Contact

A small change in employee policies can keep the HR really busy. BOTs simplify this for HR teams by handling questions with ease.

Improved Employee Productivity
Deploy Across The Organization

BotCore gives you the leverage to create and deploy scalable HR Bots that not just answer questions but also handle queries related to other HR functions such as learning and development.

Better Utilisation Of Support Staff
Analysis and Optimization

BotCore helps you analyse employee engagement with the bot, know what questions are being asked and create strategies that will help you engage your employees better.

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know how botcore helped a major company solve hR challenges

Why you should consider BotCore to build your HR Bot?

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No Programming

No Coding

With BotCore ready to create framework, you don’t have to be a developer to create a HR Bot. Our ready to use Bot templates help you create a HR Bot with ease.

On Premise Or Cloud Deployment

On Premise or Cloud Deployment

Your HR Bots can be deployed on premise on your own servers or on the cloud. BotCore provides maintenance and support so you can focus on your important tasks.


Built To

BotCore’s framework helps you scale easily, from improving the capability of a Bot to deploying Bots for various functions across the enterprise.

Controlable Versions

Privacy & Security

Deploy bots in your own IT infrastructure and own the end to end data flow. Your data & interactions are secure and will be completely under your control.

Pre Designed Templates

Schedule Broadcasts

Schedule HR staff messages and broadcasts for the near future.

System Integration


Automated follow up to responses, reminders and notifications so employees stay fully notified.

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