Legal Industry Bots

Can keep a legal help available to your client as and when they need it and boost the productivity of your lawyers and legal team

Legal Industry Bots

Chatbots are here to save time and money for lawyers as well as clients and increase the efficiency of legal operations

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Legal operations are always complex. Scanning various sources of information, handling client queries, preparing legal documents etc. can be cumbersome tasks. And for clients, meeting with lawyers can be time-consuming and expensive.

BotCore’s bot building platform can help you build a bot that can be a personal legal assistant to your customers. The bot can also take up a range of mundane administrative and operational tasks to allow your human workforce to be more strategic.

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Better Utilised Lawyers

Since bots can handle tasks like case research, document preparations etc., they can save a significant amount of time for lawyers to invest in core activities.

Reduced Manual Efforts
Increased Productivity

Bots can automate and take up a major chunk of administrative work. This can free up legal staff and they can focus on core strategic responsibilities.

Repetitive Questions
Handle Repetitive Questions

Bots can handle repetitive questions from your clients and act as the first line of service. This Helps your lawyers to better manage their time and focus on complex queries

Information On Fingertips

Chatbots can refer to multiple sources and get back with an answer in almost no time. With the bot, the users always have the information on the go.

Human Level Interaction
Human-like Interaction

Along with natural language processing, the bots are capable of handling complex user-questions with a human-level interaction.

24 Hours
24/7 Support

Unlike human workforce, the bots do not have a closing window. They are always available for the users in case of help or clarifications.

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Why you should consider BotCore to build your Legal Industry Bot?

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Pre Designed Templates

Simple-to-use Features

A friendly conversational interface of BotCore’s legal industry chatbots ensures that the users do not face any difficulty while running and using the application.

Easier Deployment

Faster Turnaround

Legal industry bots scan millions of pages for the relevant information in a short time. Not only does this give quicker results but also precise and accurate information.


Easy Accessibility

These bots are compatible with any messaging channel. The users can access the chatbots and their answers on any of their preferred platforms on their mobile device.

Complex Situations

Integration Into Databases

Botcore’s bot building platform allows you to integrate your legal bot into your internal databases and deploy it on the cloud or your own servers.

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