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Help your employees utilize intranet optimally and increase the adoption rate

Chatbot For Intranet Functions
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With chatbot for employees, give them easy access to vast knowledge pool and encourage collaboration among them

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While intranet has been known to increase employee engagement and effective knowledge sharing, its improper maintenance and continuous upgrades have led to its inadequate adoption.

With BotCore’s bot building platform, you can create bots that can encourage employees to optimize intranet use and enhance your operational productivity.

the 4 steps to peak performance

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Anywhere Access

easier access to information

This easy-to-use interface answers one user-question at a time and narrows down its search. It can then locate and filter tons of content and bring back the relevant pieces of information. This time reduction leads to increase productivity.

Chatbot Building

higher response ratio

People are more likely to see and respond to a notification sent by a bot. Hence, it increases the possibility of quick response, especially on their preferred communication medium.

System Integration

simplified process

Whether it is about finding people, content or internal news and alerts, Intranet bot makes it really simple. With it, you have such details on your fingertip anytime you need.

Easy Bot Building

increased collaboration

By sharing knowledge on various teams and projects within an organization, the bot can significantly increase internal collaboration among disparate departments. This way, it can catalyze an effective knowledge management in the organization.

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Why you should consider BotCore to build your Intranet Bot?

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System Integration

Integration with Messaging Channels

Its ease of access is impressive. You can integrate an Intranet chatbot into any existing messaging applications like Skype for Business, Slack, Facebook messenger etc.



This conversational interface from Botcore involves dependable user account security with user authentication and authorisation, channel authentication and multifactor authentication.

Lead Generation


The bot works like a personal digital assistant for each employee and provides them customised relevant information. Thus, it gives each employee a personalised experience.

Controlable Versions

Consultative Interaction

Not only does it answer queries and retrieve data in real-time, this employee engagement chatbot from Botcore ensures to suggest employees additional relevant information he or she may be interested to explore.

Ready To Use

Easy Adaptability

The bot gets smarter with learning and adaptation. Ingesting the organisation’s operating model, it gets familiar with its methodologies and terminologies, including regular office-jargons.

On Premise Or Cloud Deployment

Automated Updates

Averagely, a content author takes hours to update the content. Intranet bot, on the other hand, takes as little as 10% of that time and automates the updating process.

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