Automate mundane manufacturing tasks using chatbots and get higher ROI on your manufacturing efforts

Get a digital assistant for your manufacturing unit and equip your employees with required data on-the-go

Manufacturing is a complex sector and involves meticulous coordination among various departments and processes. Employees often face a tough time to get a high amount of data manually from a diverse set of functions such as accounting, HR, sales, supply chain etc.

With BotCore’s bot building platform, you can build easy-to-use bots that will provide your employees required information on any mobile device and optimise your supply chain.


The 6 steps to peak performance

Integration with Internal Databases

Manufacturing bots can be integrated with your ERP and CRM software so that your employees have the crucial accurate information handy all the time.

Supply Chain

Through chatbots, employees from various departments and multiple parties can communicate with one another even in varied time-zones. This improves manufacturing, inventory and shipping management.


AI can be instrumental in quality control by identifying factors responsible for the product and process failure and helping you fix them.

Role-specific Support

Bots can provide customised support across various roles within the organisation. This feature makes decision-making faster and more precise.

Easy Data On-the-go

With bots, your employees will not have to shuffle through various databases to access the data they want. They can also access it on their mobile devices.

Streamlined Process

Synchronisation between roles, departments and functions makes your manufacturing process more streamlined and leaner.

Why you should consider BotCore to build your Manufacturing Bot?

Any-device Access

Botcore’s manufacturing bot can share the required information with your employees on any devices with a messaging application. It does not require a separate application.

Higher ROI

With automated quality control, bots can minimise error possibilities and reduce consumed time. This will bring down the manufacturing cost and result in higher ROI for you.

System Integration

You can integrate your manufacturing bot into your internal databases and deploy it on the cloud or your own servers. This ensures your workforce has all necessary details on their fingertip.

Reduced Man-hours

By handling numerous monotonous and time-consuming tasks, the bots can minimise the human intervention and save significant man-hours which can be utilised in more productive tasks.

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