Chatbots are here to provide you better customer insights, improve your marketing productivity and equip you to take quicker and smarter decisions

Let your customers interact with your brand using CPG bots and improve their overall experience

If you are a business in consumer product goods industry with a huge customer base, a concern must be quite common to you – How to understand your customers better, how to market your products to them in an effective manner and how to increase customer loyalty.

With BotCore’s bot building platform, you can now create bots that can send them marketing alerts, collect their feedback and solve almost all their queries. These bots can also improve your marketing efficiency, and the dealership and inventory management.


Key benefits of using BotCore as your Bot Building Platform

Improved Customer Experience

Ease of access to a 24/7 support on their preferred channels will revamp the experience of the customers.  Gamification approach will be instrumental in increased customer engagement.

Less Spend on Maintenance

A single and self-sufficient interface wards off the need for a separate application for the chatbots and keeps them updated. This brings down the maintenance efforts and overall cost thereby.

Low Support-efforts

The human-level interactions combined with smart knowledge base enables the CPG chatbots to gather and process almost all customer feedback and solve their queries.

Real-time Reach

Smart AI procedures send the marketing alerts to the customers through push notifications, keeping them posted in real-time and without having to rush to update the websites.

More Productive Marketing

Chatbots can take up numerous current tasks of your marketing team, This, in turn, can save a lot of man-hours and helping the team focus on more strategic responsibilities that require human intervention.

Better Familiarity with Customers

Based on frequent interactions with them, chatbots can share crucial insights into the behavioural and buying patterns of your customers. More familiarity means more focused marketing.

Why you should consider BotCore to build your CPG Bot?

User-friendly Application

This easy to use interface does not require your customers to download an additional application. You can interact with them integrating it into any channel in their everyday usage.


You can rely on Botcore’s chatbot to maintain the privacy of data and sensitive information.


Timely automated notifications to your customers about promotions, alerts and other updates can bring better ROI to your marketing campaigns.

Machine Learning

With advanced machine learning features, you can train the chatbots synchronising it with your marketing system and databases.


Deploy the CPG bots on the cloud or your own servers, and let them engage your customers in a human-like interaction with quick responses, credits to 99% uptime.

and Control

A multipurpose dashboard presents an easy analysis of the application and performance of the chatbot and suggests corrective measures to ensure sustainable support.

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