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Knowledge Base

The knowledge base of the bot is central to its functioning. It supports the following functions:

  • Creating Guided Conversations: Bot interactions ought to be streamlined so that the outcomes are pre-defined.
  • Handling Q&A Scenarios: BotCore’s knowledge base equips bots to answer all possible queries.
  • Entity Fulfilment & Actions: This enables a bot to give relevant responses to capture all required entities to perform an action.
Chatbot knowledge base
chatbot conversation

Conversation System

Using message definition language, an HTML like scripting language, BotCore helps define bot responses.

  • Messages needs to reach various platforms without alterations of any kind, which is ensured by BotCore.
  • BotCore enables the bot to grasp the context of a conversation.
  • Curation of responses is also possible with BotCore. Customization for specific queries is also possible.


Parameters vary for enterprises. BotCore lets you set security parameters for your enterprise based on your need. BotCore currently provides these five security parameters:

  • User Authentication
  • User Authorization
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • One-Time Authorization
  • Channel Authorization
chatbot security
chatbot triggers


This module of the platform allows for bot-user interaction based on certain business tools or triggers.

  • An already integrated application can send out triggers using Trigger service.
  • Message Queuing allows for trigger messages to be queued in case of large volumes.
  • User & Channel Data Store is useful when users are across multiple channels where the bot is integrated.


Bots need to be monitored and regulated. BotCore simplifies this process as well:

  • Training module: For learning and understanding new concepts.
  • Maintenance Mode: The results of new learning and actions can be tested here. It helps in analyzing the actions which makes bots match requirements better.
  • Logs: To understand the effectiveness of the bot, its shortcomings are not to be forgotten. This module helps record bot errors.
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