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ServiceDesk chatbot acts as a first-line agent handling basic queries and incidents and helps you achieve higher levels of efficiency

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At times, your human staff may be too limited to handle to resolve all the queries and incidents timely and accurately. This may lead to a negative experience for your employees and customers..

You can now build ServiceDesk bots with BotCore that can automate high-volume, low-value and repetitive tasks so that your human desk agents have more time to attend to what requires a human intervention. Improve customer and employee satisfaction today!

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Seamless Assistance

Seamless Assistance

Chatbots do not take a break like the human staff. Therefore, your employees and customers have access to a personalized assistance and answers to their queries round the clock.

Intervention Alerts

Intervention Alerts

The bot works as the first-line agent to address repeated concerns of the employees. If a human intervention is required, it can transfer the conversation to a live agent.

Help Desk

Optimized Helpdesk

ServiceDesk chatbots can take up multiple mundane and high-volume tasks and reduce low-value L1 requests and incidents coming to the ServiceDesk staff. This frees up more time for them to handle complex queries.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Increased Employee Satisfaction

ServiceDesk chatbots enable the desk agents to take up strategic tasks that add value to ServiceDesk. Besides, they cut down on waiting and response time thus leading to increase in employee satisfaction.

Customer Experience

Better Customer Experience

As your customers have a continuous assistance available through ServiceDesk bots with quick and accurate responses to their queries, their satisfaction index is always on the rise.

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how botcore helped a large organization optimize its servicedesk operations using chatbots

Why you should consider BotCore to build your Service Desk Bot?

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Easy Bot Building

Easy Bot-building

With BotCore, building your chatbots is an easy task. You need no technical knowledge and your ServiceDesk bots are ready to be deployed with 99% uptime within a few weeks.

Mobile Optimized


BotCore’s ServiceDesk chatbots are optimized for mobile devices and smartphones. They can be easily integrated with websites, mobile apps and messaging channels such as Slack, Skype, etc.

Schedule Broadcasts

Schedule Broadcasts

You can use ServiceDesk bots to schedule staff messages, reminders and follow-up and notifications in near future to stay on top of your calendar.

On-premise Or Cloud Deployment

On-premise Or Cloud Deployment

BotCore gives you the flexibility and you can choose to whether you want to deploy your bot on-premise servers or on the cloud. Besides, it also provides you with the required maintenance and support.

Advanced Machine Learning Capabilites

Advanced Machine Learning Capabilites

These bots become smarter with each interaction and task and are able to handle even more difficult conversations over time. This feature gives it scalability and facilitates version control.

Natural Language Processing

Enterprise Language Understanding

These bots come with enterprise-friendly features such as the ability to grasp your internal parlances quickly. You can train them industry jargons and internal terminologies.

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