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Skype For Business

Amplify Employee Experience with SFB Bots

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SFB by Microsoft is an everyday experience and a widely embraced instant messaging and unified enterprise communication platform. BotCore is the world’s first bot-builder platform facilitating bot integration in Skype for Business. With all its contemporary features, this bot is set to change the face of business communications and skyrocket the overall productivity of the businesses.

Wondering what happens when Skype For Business is completely replaced with Microsoft Teams. Worry not! Our bots are residing there too.

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the 4 steps to peak performance

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Variety Of Tasks
Variety Of Tasks

Skype for Business bot can help your employees with a variety of tasks more quickly and efficiently such as identifying people in the database, searching internal directory, finding other bot help etc. It can transform how the work has been done traditionally.

Virtual Sales Assistance
Personal virtual assistant

The bot can give the user a personalised assistance like travel booking, prepopulating conversations, automatic calendar updates, auto-replies, filling their timesheets. It can alleviate several cumbersome tasks and provide an enhanced employee experience.

Consultative Help
consultative help

The bot is able to handle multiple tasks at a time and get smarter by day on understanding on your Skype activities. Being a proactive assistant, it can record patterns in your previous interaction over Skype and make recommendations based on that.

Natural Language Processing
natural language processing

The bot can process natural language and presents to employees a human-level experience of communication. They can interact with and get responses from the bot in their own language.

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know how botcore helped a fortune company deploy chatbots on skype for business and enhanced workforce productivity

Why consider BotCore?

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Text Limited

Not Text-limited

Skype for Business bot is just not limited to text communication. It can also chat using voice, image, cards etc. and bring a new user experience.

Secure Communication

Secure Communication

Botcore’s Skype for Business bot can be deployed using Microsoft Azure and enables a secure bot communication channel.

Built To Scale

Built To Scale

With Botcor’s bot building platform, you can create bots that are scalable with demand and can support hundreds of simultaneous bot conversations.

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