Chatbots For Automotive Industry

AI Chatbots for Car dealerships and Automotive Companies to drive customer engagement & Revenue

Chatbots For Automotive Industry

Automotive chatbots improve customer engagement and trust. They are highly instrumental in generating leads and driving revenue

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Generate leads, drive customer engagement and boost revenue with Acuvate’s Automotive chatbots

Automotive and Car dealership market is quite competitive and the buyers have a wide variety of choices and options. Since automobile purchase is a big decision for most buyers, yet another pushy sales pitch may them off immediately.

BotCore’s chatbots for automotive industry provide a seamless assistance to the buyers prior to and post the sale. The bots also enable the dealers to gain a competitive advantage by delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Key benefits of chatbots in the automotive industry

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Pre Booking
Handle Pre-booking, Test drives And Other Activities

From pre-sales activities such as updating customers on car details, financing and booking tests drive, to post-sales tasks including service reminders, roadside assistance, bots can take up a wide range of responsibilities.

24 Hours
24/7 Customer Service

With bots, customers do not have to face challenges occurring due to human delays and limited work hours. They get an instant and accurate response to their queries, round the clock.

Manage Customer Records

Car dealer chatbots can efficiently record, manage and retrieve all past records. Customer details regarding purchases, insurance, services etc. can give the dealers meaningful actionable insights.

Better Utilisation Of Support Staff
Personalized Customer Service

Bots keep learning with each interaction and based on the records, you can update their script to make the response more personalized to customer concerns and queries.

Access To Product Information

Bots help the buyer with all necessary information such as variant, features, price, financing etc. to make an informed decision. This improves customer engagement and develops trust.

Increase Leads
Increased Leads

A unique customer experience leads to an improved exposure of your brand. This helps generate more leads which in turn leads to higher sales and revenues.

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know how botcore helped a major auto dealer achieve a significant rise in its sales by implementing bots in its operations

Why you should consider BotCore to build your automotive chatbots?

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Chatbot Building

Customized Bots

BotCore allows you to design your bots in alignment with your ongoing business requirements. It also helps you customize bot responses specific to the queries.



BotCore can be fully deployed on cloud as well as on-premise environments. Besides, you can integrate BotCore’s bots with your existing enterprise systems and apps.

Help Desk

Guided Conversation

BotCore’s bots can identify multiple triggers to initiate the conversation with your customers. Also, using various predefined hints and options, they can drive the conversation in the desired direction.

Effective Conversation

Using Message Definition Language (MDL), BotCore defines bot responses and make them understand the context of the conversation. This helps in making the human-machine communication conversational.

Easy Access

Bot Administration

You can monitor the performance of the bots. This includes recording errors, spotting gaps and identifying the room for bot training so that they can be regulated to meet your requirements better.

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