Automate interactions, reduce support costs and increase revenue with conversational interfaces

Boost your sales and marketing efforts with BotCore’s B2B bots and increase revenues with a higher lead conversion ratio.

AI Chatbots help you make the most out of your B2B sales and marketing efforts. You can also use them to improve customer experience and strengthen relationships.



Chatbots Personalize your website experience for visitors and qualify leads by asking relevant questions.


Sales personnel can access data and customer insights directly from CRM, LOB or BI systems via chat.


Chatbots simplify and automate the complex B2B procurement process. They reduce the time consumed in generating invoices, search for replacements for buyers, ensure quick and accurate payment, and provide the right information to buyers.

Assist knowledge workers

Knowledge workers in any B2B business need data at their fingertips. With chatbots users can get data by asking natural language questions right within their actively used messaging app.


Chatbots act as first-line of support for your customers and answer repetitive questions, bringing down overall operational costs.

Internal virtual assistant

Enable employee self-service. Streamline and automate all your internal processes especially HR and IT.

Know how BotCore’s B2B bots delivered personalized customer experience and increased retention

How our mobile app bots benefit you

Lead Generation and Qualification

B2B Website chatbots deliver a personalized user experience to your site visitors by asking the relevant questions and encourage them to take an action. Bots can also ask qualifier questions to determine the lead quality saving a lot of time for your sales team.

Customer Experience

Our chatbots act as the first line of customer support agents and are available 24/7 to provide help. This enhances the customer experience as customers don’t have to wait for live agents for basic queries. In case of a complex question, the bot hands off the conversation to a live agent

Easy Access to
CRM Data

Poorly designed CRM systems disable faster access to data and hinder user adoption. With chatbots, users can swiftly access data directly from their messaging apps via chat. The bot can be integrated into LOB and BI systems as well.

Data Mining

The average data volume is usually high in any B2B business. Marketing and Sales teams often fight with each other due to the lack of effective data mining to identify qualified leads. AI chatbots automate data management process and map data based on the ongoing organizational trends.

Cost Savings

Chatbots minimize the need for hiring more customer support personnel, thus saving you a considerable amount of money otherwise spent on recruiting, training and remunerations.

Employee Productivity

Chatbots improve employee productivity and experience by automating several time-consuming tasks across marketing, sales and customer service. They simplify accessing data from any BI system or database.

Why you should partner with BotCore to build your
B2B bots

Trusted Partner

BotCore is a trusted chatbot implementation partner for many leading businesses. Our team has over 15 years of Acuvate in chatbot research, design, and development. There are several Fortune 100 and large organizations using our bots today.

Easy Deployment

We help you build bots seamlessly and make them ready to deploy in weeks. Based on your enterprise needs, you can deploy them on both on-premise or cloud environments.


BotCore prevents you from getting stuck to an AI product or vendor. In addition to that, we tailor our bot solutions specifically for your business needs.

Easy Integration

BotCore’ Cognitive Abstraction feature enables it to leverage any AI services at present or future. Thus, it can be scaled to meet the strategic and technological needs of the future.



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