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Airlines using chatbots can stay ahead over their competitors by providing a better customer service

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Build your chatbots with BotCore and revamp the customer service framework in the airline industry

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The airline industry is known for an ever-running cut-throat competition.  There are not many differentiators existing among the players. In this scenario, what sets one apart is customer service.

BotCore’s airline chatbots refine the customer experience with an instant support to the customer across all communication channels. Using a simple text or voice command, customers can use the bot to get real-time travel updates, offers, suggestions, advice on actionable steps. The bot can also help them make searches, purchases and upgrades leveraging the power of conversational user interface.

the 6 steps to peak performance

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User Experience
Happier Customers

Bots mitigate the frustration of customers with real-time responses to their queries and by reducing waiting time. They also enhance the self-service experience and prevent any possible miscommunications.

Information At One Place

Chatbots for airlines make it easy to track all critical flight details. Using them, the passengers can keep details such as boarding pass, flight updates ticket purchase information etc. at one place.

Improved Employee Productivity
Conversational Interface

Equipped with natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, chatbots can understand contextual references and drive a conversation with the customers in a human-like interaction.

Streamlined Process
Process Efficiency

Chatbots can bring in more accuracy by automating numerous mundane tasks and cutting down the scope for human-errors and raising an alert when human support is needed.

Reduse Cost
Cost Efficiency

Intelligent workflows result in optimum utilization of resources and prevent the need for a high headcount. Thus chatbots help in bringing down the cost of operations phenomenally.

Better Utilisation Of Support Staff
Competitive Edge

Exceptional customer service gives you a distinct reputation in the market, pulling more customers to you and improve customer loyalty. Therefore, you can get a competitive edge with bots.

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learn how a leading airline multiplied its customer service experience by building its flight booking chatbot using botcore

Why you should consider BotCore to build your Airlines Bot?

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No Responcive Lag

Real-time Response

BotCore assures you a minimal lag in replying to your consumers queries. Therefore your customers get quick updates and real-time responses to their queries.

Customized Solutions

Easy Integration

You can easily integrate BotCore’s chatbots with your website, mobile apps and messaging channels such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter etc. This creates a more convenient experience for your customers.

Easy Access

Complete Bot Administration

BotCore helps you monitor the performance of your chatbot by recording all interactions. Using a single dashboard, you can access valuable insights for strategy refresh and bot version control.

Machine Learning

Maintenance And Support

BotCore’s also offers maintenance and support services which ensure a sustainable and effective functioning of your bots so that you continue to run your business efficiently.

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