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With IT Helpdesk bots, multiply the productivity of your employees and cut down your IT support costs

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Especially in larger organizations, the helpdesk staff is unable to attend to all problems at once and employees fail to find timely IT-related help.

BotCore’s bot building platform helps you create Bots that can handle monotonous and non-productive tasks of the support staff and alert them when human intervention is needed.

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24/7 Helpdesk
24/7 Helpdesk Availability

IT helpdesk bot is virtual IT assistance to employees available ensuring they always have a timely help available. It is able to conveniently manage basic support tasks like password reset, application management, answering FAQs etc.

Automated Notifications

IT helpdesk bot can send out automated notifications to employees regarding asset replacement, software updates, ticket status etc. In a large organisation, these tasks consume a huge amount of time.

Intervention Alerts

The bot is able to address repeated concerns and guide employees to refer to help sources. It can raise issue tickets and apprise the helpdesk in real-time. It can also alert the helpdesk whenever it requires a human support.

Improved Employee Productivity
Improved Employee Productivity

With help available on the go, employees can cut down on time taken bothering and waiting for the IT support. Thus, it leaves them more productive hours.

Better Utilisation Of Support Staff
Better Utilisation of Support Staff

As the bot takes mundane tasks away from their service portfolio, the IT support staff can focus on more complex and value-adding responsibilities that require a human touch.

Quick Support to Support Staff

Helpdesk bots can support the human team with quick required data and information like ticket status, asset tracking etc. Therefore, the IT helpdesk can be more advanced.

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Navigate A Hybrid Workforce In ITSM
With Chatbots

Why you should consider BotCore to build your IT Helpdesk Bot?

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Pre Designed Templates

Pre-designed Templates

You do not require developing skills to build your IT Helpdesk bot. BotCore’s ready-to-create framework includes pre-designed Bot templates for the most common enterprise needs. You can modify them for your suitability.


Built to Scale

BotCore’s framework allows bot deployment and management a smooth process, making scalability of its application easy. Based on your observation and operational objectives,  you extend its application to other functions and departments.


Integration into Databases and Operations Model

Integration of the bot is simple. It can ingest all the information from your database and knowledge base and provide answers even to difficult queries in an interactive way.

Easier Deployment


Botcore allows you a quick bot deployment. Multiple pre-loaded tasks, with a room for required customisation, help your your bot be ready to go up and running within a few weeks.

IT Helpdesk Bot Differentiators

Anytime, anywhere on any device, multiple queries get immediate support, without any compromise.

Answers Natural Language Queries
Answers natural language queries
Provides Instant Troubleshooting
Provides instant troubleshooting
Enables Seamless Agent Handover
Enables seamless Agent Handover
Supports Carousels Cards Buttons And Rich Media
Supports carousels, cards, buttons, and rich media
Improves Productivity With Rpa Edge
Improves productivity with RPA edge
Enhances Performance With Guaranteed Uptime
Enhances performance with guaranteed uptime
Secures Access With Authentication Management
Secures access with authentication management
Replies In Voice And Or Chat
Replies in voice and/or chat
Performs Bing Search
Performs Bing search
Sends Email Notifications
Sends email notifications
Delivers 24x7 Support
Delivers 24X7 support
Increases Usability With Adaptive Ui
Increases usability with adaptive UI
Provides Multilingual Support
Provides multilingual support
Provides Multi Channels Access
Provides multi-channels access

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