I Fit in Your Budget

Do not spend beyond your need. Pay per Conversation.
Avoid overhead of infrastructure maintenance.

Pay $179 for the first 5000 conversations on Teams and Webchat

Pay $10 for every additional 1000 conversations

I Save Cost, Time, Effort and Accelerate Response Time

Install me on MS Teams and say Hi! I am all set to work with you!

I answer all your queries on IT support in a jiffy and keep track of all your requests, reset passwords, receive outage alerts, update software and much more. I can answer all your IT queries, get you responses from the internet search or connect you with a Live Agent for additional support. I can provide answers instantly 24/7 and free up your IT team so that they can handle more complex issues. And yes, I can speak to you in multiple languages. Now, won’t you want me as your colleague?

What’s included:

What Included
It Helpdesk Bot Supported Channels
Supported channels: Teams, Webchat
It Helpdesk Bot Unlimited User
Unlimited user access
It Helpdesk Bot Pre Trained It Queries
Pre-trained IT queries
It Helpdesk Bot Integration With Any One Itsm Tool
Integration with any one ITSM tool (Choose from Service Now, ServiceDesk, Jira, Salesforce)
It Helpdesk Bot Training Manuals
Training manuals, Documentation, Webinars, Video Tutorials
It Helpdesk Bot Admin Interface To Add
Admin Interface to add/edit FAQs and Conversations
It Helpdesk Bot Break Fix Support Via Email
Break fix Support via Email
It Helpdesk Bot Bot Usage Analytics With 6 Months Logs
Bot Usage Analytics with 6 months logs
Cux Engagement For Chatbot Training V2
CUX engagement for chatbot training
It Helpdesk Bot Admin Training Sessions
Admin training sessions
It Helpdesk Bot Customized Uiux For Webchat
Customized UI/UX for webchat
It Helpdesk Bot Custom Integrations With Other Itsm Tools
Custom integrations with other ITSM tools
It Helpdesk Bot Human Hand Off
It Helpdesk Bot Logs For More Than 6 Months Duration
Logs for more than 6 months duration
It Helpdesk Bot Multilingual Conversations
Multilingual conversations
It Helpdesk Bot Broadcast Alerts & Notifications
Broadcast alerts & notifications
It Helpdesk Bot Additional Admin Access To Botcore
Additional Admin access to BotCore

Paid Add-ons:

Paid Add Ons Features Image

I Deliver Performance at Scale

Anytime, anywhere on any device, multiple queries get immediate support, without any compromise.

IT Helpdesk Bot as a Digital Colleague

Answers Natural Language Queries
Answers natural language queries
Provides Instant Troubleshooting
Provides instant troubleshooting
Enables Seamless Agent Handover
Enables seamless Agent Handover
Supports Carousels Cards Buttons And Rich Media
Supports carousels, cards, buttons, and rich media
Replies In Voice And Or Chat
Replies in voice and/or chat
Performs Bing Search
Performs Bing search
Sends Email Notifications
Sends email notifications
Delivers 24x7 Support
Delivers 24X7 support
Increases Usability With Adaptive Ui
Increases usability with adaptive UI
Provides Multilingual Support
Provides multilingual support
Provides Multi Channels Access
Provides multi-channels access

IT Helpdesk Bot as a digital IT team member:

Improves Productivity With Rpa Edge
Improves productivity with RPA edge
Enhances Performance With Guaranteed Uptime
Enhances performance with guaranteed uptime
Secures Access With Authentication Management
Secures access with authentication management
Enables No Code Third Party Integrations
Enables no code third-party integrations (ServiceNow, Jira, Service Desk Plus, Salesforce, etc.)
Supports Itsm Incident Management Support
Supports ITSM incident management support
Provides Prebuilt Dashboards And Analytics
Provides prebuilt dashboards and analytics
Designs Intuitive Admin Account
Analyses satisfaction scores
Provides Multilingual Support
Designs intuitive admin account
Tracks Outage Alerts
Tracks outage alerts

Watch Me in Action

IT Helpdesk Bot - Create Ticket/Incident Use case

IT Helpdesk Bot - Handover to Live Agent Use Case

IT Helpdesk Bot - Transfer from one Live Agent to another Use Case

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