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Navigate a hybrid workforce in ITSM with chatbots

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55% of employees would prefer to be home at least three days a week once 
pandemic concerns recede

~ PwC

Since their inception, ITSM chatbots have matured and evolved tremendously. With AI, NLP and machine learning, they have now grown to conduct complex conversations and provide support beyond L0 and L1 issues.

These advanced capabilities are key for ITSM leaders to deliver seamless and cost-effective IT support to a hybrid workforce and navigate through remote working challenges.

In our eBook, we’ll discuss:

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  1. The state of ITSM in a remote-working World
  2. ITSM chatbots maturity and delivering support beyond L0 issues
  3. Advanced capabilities to look for in an ITSM chatbot
  4. Common use cases of ITSM bots for the hybrid workforce
  5. Key benefits 
  6. Human agents and chatbots: Fostering a coexistence IT service delivery model