Unified Enterprise Chatbot

A single conversational interface to access information and get all daily tasks done

Unified Enterprise Chatbot

Unified Enterprise Chatbot - A single point of contact for all employee needs.

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Employees spend a significant portion of their work hours on tasks that add little business value. Resetting passwords, finding information, scheduling meetings, applying for leaves, etc., take up a lot of their time at the workplace.

Workers spend more than an hour every day simply looking for information trapped within siloed tools and apps. Additionally, the average business worker switches between 9.4 different apps for daily work, hampering productivity and increasing burnout in the process.

Even in organizations that already use chatbots, employees must interact with multiple function-specific chatbots (HR, IT, CRM, etc.) and adapt to varying conversational styles and platforms.

With BotCore, our enterprise bot-building platform, you can build and deploy a unified enterprise chatbot –  your single-window access to 24X7 interactive employee engagement. Such a bot acts as a personalized employee assistant and helps employees with their day-to-day functioning in various use cases, including IT, HR, Business Intelligence, CRM, and more.

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How BotCore helped a leading CPG company build a unified enterprise chatbot to improve employee productivity and reduce costs

Employee Experience Chatbots - The Use Cases

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Unified Enterprises Chatbot Hr Support Asset V1

HR Support

  • Get quick answers to questions (E.g., “What is my leave balance?) 
  • Apply for leaves/PTO 
  • Access HR policy documents 
  • Update profiles and contact information 
  • Get your documents from HR systems like payslip, benefits statements etc. 

IT Helpdesk

  • Reset passwords 
  • Ask questions like, “How to connect to the VPN?” 
  • Get outage alerts 
  • Apply for a new laptop  
  • Schedule maintenance activities 
Unified Enterprises Chatbot It Helpdesk Asset V1
Unified Enterprises Chatbot Reports & Insights Asset V1

Reports & Insights

  • Fetch business intelligence data, such as, “What was the revenue from Product X in 2019?” 
  • Request reports, dashboards, and essential metrics and get them over email. 
  • Get links to desired dashboards. 
  • Get specific answers to any information available in the BI app. E.g., “What was the top-performing product in 2019?”

Knowledge Companion

  • Retrieve files, policy and FAQ documents, and other information from enterprise-wide apps. 
  • Get relevant, personalized, and contextual search results and links to desired intranet documents. 
  • Get the latest announcements and news. 
  • Perform tasks like leave request, travel settlement requests, IT requests, etc. 
Unified Enterprises Chatbot Knowledge Companion Asset V1

Key Features of a Unified Enterprise Chatbot

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Unified Enterprise Chatbot Seamless Conversational Experience

Seamless conversational experience

  • Human-like engagement from a single interface via text or voice commands
  • Round-the-clock support for every enterprise app/function.
  • Automate human-agent handover when needed.
Unified Enterprise Chatbot Omnichannel Support

Omnichannel Support

  • Integrations available for multiple enterprise messaging apps, including Teams, Slack, ProofHub, etc.
  • Reach out to the bot from anywhere – mobile, laptop, or web apps.
Unified Enterprise Chatbot Speak To The Bot In The Language Of Your Choice!

Speak to the bot in the language of your choice!

  • Engage a global workforce with support for multiple languages.
  • Train the bot to converse in the employee’s native tongue, including French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, and many more.
Unified Enterprise Chatbot Personalize Engagement With Advanced Technologies

Personalize engagement with advanced technologies

  • Use of powerful AI, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies help the bot understand context and employee preferences and deliver personalized support.

What can Unified Enterprise Chatbot for your employees

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Unified Enterprise Chatbot Push Personalized Alerts

Push personalized alerts

  • Send personalized alerts to employees in the form of text or multimedia notifications.
  • Notify employees about events that require their action. E.g., a scheduled downtime.
Unified Enterprise Chatbot Complete Tasks


  • Perform routine, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks.
  • For example, generate IT tickets, draw up payslips, update sales reports, complete logs, etc.
Unified Enterprise Chatbot Fetch Information Quickly

Fetch information quickly

  • Make relevant and contextual information available at the employee’s fingertips quickly by retrieving content from anywhere within the organization’s network.
  • Present KPIs and business insights from the BI app using text, images, and graphs, when instructed.
Unified Enterprise Chatbot Answer Questions


  • Provide accurate answers to complex and straightforward questions by understanding the intent of the employee.
  • For example, “What is the status of my 401(k)?” Or, “How do I update my antivirus software?” Or, ask about any business KPIs related to inventory, field sales, supply chain, etc.

Build a Unified Enterprise Chatbot with BotCore!

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Unified Enterprise Chatbot Low Code Chatbot Development Platform

Low-code chatbot development platform

With minimalistic coding requirements, a visual design interface, and pre-built connectors, our bots can be quickly built and deployed within a matter of a few weeks.

Unified Enterprise Chatbot Multilingual Support


Our bots support multiple languages, including French, German, English, Italian, etc., helping you cater to a global workforce.

Unified Enterprise Chatbot Robust Security Features

Robust security

Set security parameters based on your organization’s needs. BotCore provides five security parameters: user authentication, user authorization, multi-factor authentication, one-time authorization, and channel authorization.

Unified Enterprise Chatbot Chatbot Maintenance And Training

maintenance and

Regulate bot administration and training with built-in modes for teaching the bot new concepts, analyzing the bot’s actions, and maintaining a log of the bot’s drawbacks.

Deploy a unified enterprise chatbot on your preferred channels.

We provide integrations with popular enterprise messaging channels, including Slack, Teams, ProofHub, Skype, email, etc.

Unified Enterprise Chatbot Leverage Powerful Microsoft Technologies

powerful Microsoft technologies

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we use renowned AI, ML, and NLP technologies, including LUIS, Microsoft Bot Framework, QnA Maker, and Power Virtual Agents.

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