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Deploying a
unified enterprise chatbot Connect and Orchestrate Multiple Child Bots

Unified Enterprise Chatbot Ebook


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Post-pandemic, chatbots are one of the most adopted enterprise technologies.

There has been an increased demand from internal business functions for chatbots that cater to their department’s unique use cases. While each department wants to deploy and control their bot, several challenges arise due to the implementation of multiple chatbots.

This leads to increased deployment, training and maintenance costs, inconsistent user experience and many more major challenges in the long-term.

In this eBook, we’ll explore how a unified enterprise chatbot connects multiple individual bots and acts as a single point of contact for all the users’ needs.

We’ll cover topics around:

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  • The current state of chatbot usage
  • The challenges of deploying multiple enterprise chatbots
  • What is a unified enterprise chatbot and how does it work
  • Framework of a unified enterprise chatbot
  • Implementation considerations
  • Business benefits
  • Real-life scenarios