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Reduce call volumes, enable employee self-service and streamline HR and IT operations.

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Deploy a ServiceNow chatbot to reduce IT and HR Service Management costs

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HR and IT departments are flooded with hundreds of service requests on a daily basis. These are usually basic or routine questions that may not get answered due to an overload of call volumes or service tickets.

Chatbots take care of these routine requests, allowing HR and IT professionals to focus on their core activities and be more productive tasks. Chatbots use NLP technology to understand and respond to service queries in natural conversational language.

With BotCore, you can easily build and deploy chatbots that integrate with ServiceNow to answer employee questions and improve the efficiency of your HR and IT helpdesk over time. You can also link them to your ServiceNow Virtual Assistant and use them as child bots as a part of a larger enterprise bot using BotCore. This increased efficiency and productivity significantly brings down your service management costs.

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How BotCore helped a leading FMCG company build a ServiceNow bot that reduced support costs by 30%

Benefits and Use Cases of ServiceNow Chatbot

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Servicenow Chatbot It Incident Management

IT Incident Management

With a ServiceNow chatbot, employees can easily create an IT incident or raise an IT ticket. The bot offers options for incident creation and submission of change requests. It also provides notifications on new incident creation or new change requests.

Servicenow Chatbot Outage Management

Outage Management

The ServiceNow bot manages IT outages by automating tasks, such as sending outage notifications to affected employees, displaying real-time outages, sending outage reports, etc.

Servicenow Chatbot Security Management

Security Management

ServiceNow bots perform routine security management tasks such as resetting passwords for devices and network, disabling or wiping off lost or stolen devices, etc.

Servicenow Chatbot Real Time Alerts


The bot sends real-time alerts to employees and IT personnel, such as access request notifications, asset request notifications, outage alerts, authentication alerts, etc.

Servicenow Chatbot Hr Related Information On The Tips

HR-related information on
the tips

The ServiceNow chatbot allows employees to create HR incidents, service requests, get quick reports and status updates (pending approvals), search for knowledge articles, and obtain information, such as PTO balance, current benefits, etc.

Servicenow Chatbot Integration With Other Hr Apps

Integration with other
HR apps

A ServiceNow bot can also integrate with HCM tools like Workday, and other systems to carry out unique tasks, such as viewing available conference/meeting rooms, booking flight tickets for project-related travel, etc.

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Why consider BotCore to build your ServiceNow Chatbot?

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Servicenow Chatbot Cross Channel Communication


BotCore’s omnichannel bot allows you to hop between channels without losing the context of the conversation. The bot’s ML capabilities eliminate the need to start the conversation from scratch when switching from one channel to another.

Servicenow Chatbot Personalized Experiences


BotCore’s virtual assistants adapt to the organization’s jargon and learn from previous interactions to deliver personalized, intelligent, and meaningful conversational user experiences.

Servicenow Chatbot Pre Built Conversational Scenarios

Pre-built conversational scenarios

BotCore uses customizable templates that allow quick deployment of AI-powered chatbot conversations for the frequently asked HR and IT queries and commonly- occurring conversational scenarios.

Servicenow Chatbot Low Code Requirements

Low-code requirements

With minimalistic coding and pre-built connectors, branching, looping, and scripting, it is easy to build conversations and workflows, without the need for advanced coding skills.

Servicenow Chatbot Live Agent Handoff

Live agent handoff

If the conversation is too complex for the chatbot to handle, or if the user requests for human support, BotCore’s chatbot can handover the entire conversation to a suitable human agent.

Servicenow Chatbot Multilingual Capabilities

Multilingual capabilities

BotCore’s chatbots can support multiple languages, like Italian, French, German, etc. allowing you to reach and service employees across the globe.

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