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Upend your conversational IVR with text-to-speech technology

Provide more engaging, accurate, and human-like IVR support

Convert text to natural-sounding speech and give your brand a humanistic voice

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Traditional IVR systems consist of multiple menus, which users have to painstakingly navigate before reaching the right support. Moreover, longer wait times add to the frustration level of customers.

Today’s customers want quick, personalized, more interactive, lifelike conversational experiences with your organization. Gartner predicts that by 2023, 25% of the customer interactions will be via voice.

Text to speech technology uses natural language processing to enable voice bots to deliver fluid, natural-sounding responses that match the tone and patterns of human voices.

For example, the next time you want to book a hotel room, you don’t have to go through the myriad of traditional IVR options. Simply call up support and say, “I want to book a hotel room.” The bot will ask for the check-in, check-out, and other details in a human-like voice and book for you the room of your choice or route you directly to the right agent.

BotCore uses Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Text-to-Speech Services to build voicebots that speak naturally, allowing you to choose from over 150 voices and over 50 languages and variants, giving your brand a unique voice of its own.

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How BotCore helped a leading insurance company build a text to speech bot that helped increase CSAT and FCR.

The benefits of a text to speech bot

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Text To Speech Bot Powerful, Lifelike Speech

Powerful, lifelike speech

onvert text to natural-sounding speech using natural language processing. Easily adjust pitch and pronunciation, and choose from a variety of voices, languages, and variants.

Text To Speech Bot Customize Your Brand’s Voice

Customize your brand’s voice

Create a customized voice for your company and give your brand a unique identity across all customer channels, thus providing consistent user experiences.

Text To Speech Bot Advanced Technologies

Advanced technologies

Benefit from a range of powerful technologies, including machine learning and AI, and provide relatable, contextual, and meaningful engagement to users.

Our Customers Around The World

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Why consider BotCore to build your text to speech bot?

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Text To Speech Bot A Voice For Every Scenario

A voice for every scenario

With more than 150 voices and over 50 languages and variants, several speaking styles, tones, and emotions, we provide you with a voice for every major geography and scenario.

Text To Speech Bot Personalized Experiences

Personalized experiences

BotCore’s chatbots adapt to the organization’s jargon and learn from previous interactions to deliver personalized, intelligent, and valuable conversational user experiences.

Text To Speech Bot Low Code Requirements

Low-code requirements

With minimalistic coding and pre-built connectors, branching, looping, and scripting, it is easy to build conversations and workflows without advanced coding skills.

Text To Speech Bot Built With The Best Of Microsoft Technologies

Built with the best of Microsoft technologies

BotCore’s text to speech bots are built with the best of AI and NLP technologies, including Azure’s Cognitive API services.

Text To Speech Bot Domain Expertise


Our digital solutions are recognized by leading industry analysts, including Gartner, Forrester, and Clearbox.

Text To Speech Bot Omnichannel Phone, Web Or App

Omnichannel - Phone, Web or App

Enable speech experiences on any platform of your choice to enable your customers to talk to your brand.

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