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For a dedicated and personalized digital assistance to your employees.

Speech Bot

BotCore’s voice-activated chatbots give you an immediate and anywhere access to information and help you stay organized

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Every day, employees need critical data on-the-go to make decisions and have to keep their schedule updated to stay on top of their jobs. However, this requires a lot of coordination which sometimes may leave room for human-errors.

BotCore offers a next-gen solution to this in form of its speech chatbots. These voice-enabled virtual agents provide personalized assistance for your employees and take up several tasks to help them attain higher efficiency and productivity.

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24/7 Helpdesk
Dedicated Personalized Assistance

Voice-activated chatbots provide a seamless and highly personalized assistance to the users. They save a significant amount of time and energy in personal life as well as at work. For example, Cortana for Office 365.

Better Utilisation Of Support Staff
Higher Efficiency

Speech bots help in organizing various aspects of your life with reminders, appointment booking, tickets etc., all in a human-like interaction. This leaves less room for human-errors and increases overall efficiency.

Improved Employee Productivity
Better Productivity

Speech bots can take up several tasks off the plate of your employees so that they can focus on more complex tasks requiring human interventions. This makes way for better productivity in your enterprise.

Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

With the help of a conversational interface, these bots use natural language processing to receive voice-based inputs from the users. The bots then respond to the queries with relevant information.

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know how a leading organization achieved a multifold efficiency with botcore’s voice-enabled chatbots

Why you should consider BotCore to build your Speech Chatbot?

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Voice Systems Integration

Integration with voice

BotCore enables chatbots to be integrated with your voice systems like  EPBAX, VOIP, Unified Communications, Phone lines, IVR etc.

Enterprise Application


Whether it is in a meeting, on the field or at any other place, your employees have information at their fingertips with BotCore’s speech bots. This helps them make informed and more accurate decisions at work.

System Integration


These voice-enabled bots prevent you from having to access different systems for different information. Integrate these bots with all the existing databases, systems and applications and you have all the data on-the-go.



No two enterprises have same requirements. That is why BotCore, a flexible voice bot platform, allows you to customize your speech chatbots based on your specific business priorities.

Integration With Office 365

Integration with Office 365

BotCore’s speech bots can be easily deployed in Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online with 100% compatibility. The bots are able to utilize all the features of SharePoint Online and Yammer.

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