Sentiment Analysis In Chatbot

Sentiment Analysis in Chatbot

Understand user emotions and give your conversations a human touch!

Sentiment analysis enables chatbots to understand user emotions and moods

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Humans are emotional beings. During customer service conversations with a chatbot, your customers expect the bot to understand their sentiments, tonality and moods and deliver appropriate responses.

Sentiment analysis helps bots comprehend user moods by analyzing user inputs for words and phrases that correlate to a particular emotion.

BotCore’s AI chatbots leverage natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to understand customer mood, classify utterances into emotions, like anger, joy, etc., and score user input based on the sentiment’s intensity, helping bots steer conversations, modify responses, and bring in human agents when needed.

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How BotCore helped a leading FMCG company build a sentiment analysis bot that improved overall customer satisfaction and increased conversion.

Benefits of sentiment analysis in chatbots

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Sentiment Analysis In Chatbots Improve Customer Engagement

Improve customer engagement

With sentiment analysis, bots can understand and adapt to the customer’s emotions and modify responses accordingly, creating engaging, memorable customer engagement.

Sentiment Analysis In Chatbots Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Sentiment analysis provides valuable insights into your happiest and most dissatisfied customers. By segmenting your customer base, you can prioritize support for the unhappy customers while rewarding the most loyal ones.

Sentiment Analysis In Chatbots Upsell Better

Upsell better

Chatbots can use sentiment analysis to identify happy customers and generate upsell and cross sell opportunities with the right product recommendations.

Sentiment Analysis In Chatbots Routing Angry Customers To Human Agents

Routing angry customers to human agents

Sentiment analysis enables bots to gauge customer emotion as early as possible, allowing them to route frustrated customers to a human agent for more efficient support.

Sentiment Analysis In Chatbots Learn What Customers Think About Your Brand

Learn what customers think about your brand

Sentiment analysis also helps you understand how satisfied your customers are with your brand, products, and services, and enables you to improve customer experiences.

Sentiment Analysis In Chatbots Designing Future Customer Strategy

Designing future customer strategy

Sentiment analysis helps you comprehend overall customer satisfaction and effectiveness of products and services, assisting you with designing strong marketing and product strategies.

Our Customers Around The World

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Why consider BotCore to build your sentiment analysis chatbot?

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Sentiment Analysis In Chatbot Classification Of Sentiments

Classification of sentiments

Emotions affect customers’ choices, and BotCore’s chatbot effectively analyzes user utterances to identify sentiments, such as anger, disgust, joy, positivity, etc., even uncovering multiple emotions in a single user input.

Sentiment Analysis In Chatbot Sentiment Scoring

Sentiment scoring

Our bot ranks customer emotions based on their intensity, both for individual messages and at the aggregate level (for the entire session), to identify significant emotional triggers, appropriate responses, and bring in human agents when required.  

Sentiment Analysis In Chatbot Domain Expertise

Domain expertise

We have over 13+ years of experience in deploying digital workplace solutions for both medium and large-sized enterprises. Our expertise is recognized by leading industry analysts, including Forrester, Gartner, and Clearbox.

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