Procurement bots

Virtual assistants helping in automating your manual procurement processes end-to-end

Procurement Chatbots + RPA = Improved (cost+time) savings + process efficiencies

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Procurement team often needs to refer to volumes of documents regarding contract status, taxation, policies, preferred supplier, order status, shipment, delivery and payment, etc. Besides, several low-value tasks like attending user queries, double checking details in the purchase orders, etc., consume a significant amount of time, impacting overall productivity.

Time-consuming processes like contract management, third-party risk management, category management and supplier management are ideal for automation.

BotCore’s procurement bots bring the power of chatbots and RPA together to deliver both front-end and back-end automation.

While chatbots can help capture user information, provide personalized recommendations and simplify the buying process, RPA, upon users’ request via chatbot, can mimic human actions, interact with applications, and perform mundane tasks.

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How an enterprise observed saved millions of dollars due to a shorter procurement cycle using BotCore’s procurement bots

Key Benefits Of A Multilingual Chatbot

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Error Reduction in Invoices

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The AI-powered bot possessing both RPA and Conversational AI capabilities verifies the invoices against the order and reports errors. It also smoothens the procurement process by understanding the user’s preferences and the company’s guidelines and guiding actions accordingly.

Procurement Bots Guided Purchase

Guided Purchase

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Powered by NLP and machine learning, our procurement bots can understand the context of the interaction and guide customers through the purchase process. They can make recommendations on purchase strategy, product availability, supply chain etc.

Procurement Bots First Line Support

First-line Support

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Procurement bots can be an effective first-line support for answering a large number of repeated user queries. In case of a complex question, the bot hands over the conversation to a live agent.

Procurement Bots Integration With Messaging Channels

Integration with Messaging Channels

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Procurement executives can converse with the bots on their preferred communication channels like SMS, Skype for Business, Skype, Slack, Cortana, etc. both on desktop and mobile devices.

Procurement Bots Instant Information

Instant Information

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Round the clock availability is facilitating users to get instant information on purchases, orders, contract details, payment terms, Shipment status, invoices etc.

Procurement Bots: Key Back-End Benefits

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Contract management

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Manual contract review is a time consuming process in contract management. A procurement bot can review contracts and identify the nonstandard terms and conditions. Reviewers can use this information in supplier negotiation.

Procurement Bots Supplier Risk Management

Supplier risk management

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A through supplier risk analysis may not always be possible for companies with limited resources. Procurement bots can carry out supply due diligence across various risk categories in a fraction of time.

Procurement Bots Supplier Onboarding

Supplier onboarding

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Supplier onboarding processes are repetitive and lengthy. Procurement bots can automate manual tasks like background checks, document reviews, and follow ups for missing documents.

Our Customers Around The World

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Why you should build your procurement chatbots with BotCore

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Procurement Bots Trusted Partnership

Trusted Partnership

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BotCore is a powerful bot building platform from Acuvate and is the result of more than 15 years of research and development. Several Fortune 100 and large organizations are using our bots today.

Strong Security

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BotCore ensures the safety of your data by enabling you with strong security parameters like user authentication, one-time authorization, channel authorization and multi-level authentication.

Procurement Bots Cognitive Abstraction

Cognitive Abstraction

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Cognitive abstraction empowers BotCore to be future-proof. This feature utilizes the latest AI services available and scales for future services.

Procurement Bots 99% Uptime

99% Uptime

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99% uptime means that there is almost no lag in bot response. This enables BotCore to provide answers to user queries in real-time, without them having to wait.

Bot Administration

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BotCore allows you to monitor the performance of your bots, record the untrained, yet asked questions, and understand the effectiveness. It lets you constantly train and test them for an improved performance.

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