Employee Experience Chatbots

A chatbot persona for every employee need – HR, IT, Business Intelligence, and intranet

Employee Experience Chatbots

Our chatbots for employees automates human support and simplify day-to-day activities

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Typically, employees spend a lot of time on unproductive tasks that add little value to the organization. Whether it’s the never-ending search for documents and information or raising a ticket for a password reset or scheduling a meeting or retrieving information about their leave balance, such activities take up a significant portion of the employee’s time, leaving lesser room for value-adding work.

Employee experience chatbots, specifically for IT, HR, business intelligence (BI), and the intranet, leverage artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to answer FAQs, simplify repetitive employee tasks, and assist employees in locating the required data and files quickly.

With BotCore, our enterprise bot-building platform, we help clients build and deploy AI-enabled employee experience chatbots that engage in natural language conversations with employees. From increasing self-service to reducing resolution times to providing personalized engagement, our bots assist your employees 24X7 and usher in the new-age employee experience (EX).

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How BotCore helped a leading FMCG company build an employee experience chatbot to elevate employee experience (EX)

Introducing our EX chatbots!

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Employee Experience Chatbots - The Use Cases

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IT Helpdesk Chatbots

From answering IT queries to managing service disruptions to initiating software fixes and upgrades to conducting password resets, and much more, the chatbot can automate various IT workflows or handover to a human agent when needed. The bots also automate the IT onboarding process – allocating the preferred laptops and setting up email and other accounts. Additionally, IT bots send outage alerts and outage reports to affected users, disable or wipe off stolen devices remotely, and issue real-time asset request notifications and authentication alerts.

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Hr Bot Screen

HR Chatbots

HR chatbots help provide quick and accurate answers to common HR queries, such as salary-related information, leave balance, doubts regarding income tax, etc. Moreover, they automate recruiting and onboarding activities, like screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and collecting information and document proofs required by HR. Furthermore, an employee may book business travel or apply for leave via an HR chatbot.

Business Intelligence Chatbots

A business intelligence chatbot integrates with everyday BI apps, like Power BI, and conducts natural-language conversations with employees to fetch the required data from the BI system instantly. For example, “What were the sales of Product X in May 2019”. The bot responds via text or rich multimedia formats, such as graphs and images, and may also send the required dashboards and reports to the employee’s email. BI chatbots save time by eliminating the need to navigate and filter dashboards to get the necessary information manually.

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Intranet Chatbots

A chatbot built within the company’s intranet, or an intranet bot, empowers employees to search and retrieve files, documents, and information seamlessly from across the organization’s knowledge base. Its AI and ML capabilities help perform a robust search to pull the most contextual, personalized, and relevant results from enterprise-wide apps and tools without limiting the search to merely keywords.

Benefits of an employee experience chatbot

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Employee Experience Chatbots Push Personalized Alerts

Push personalized alerts

Chatbots can push personalized alerts to employees – be it a text or multimedia notification or an alert requiring the employee’s action. For example, an intranet chatbot can alert the employees regarding a new document added, an IT chatbot can send a notification about a scheduled downtime, etc.

Employee Experience Chatbots Complete Tasks On The Employees’ Behalf

Complete tasks on the employees’ behalf

A chatbot can be trained to perform routine, mundane tasks that are otherwise time-consuming and hamper an employee’s productivity.

For example, IT helpdesk bots can generate tickets for employee issues. Or an HR bot can be used to apply for leaves. Or a BI bot can update an existing report.

Employee Experience Chatbots Fetch Information Quickly

Fetch information quickly

A chatbot makes the required information available at the employee’s fingertips. Intranet chatbots can quickly retrieve the relevant content from across the organization’s internal and external apps. Employees can request a BI chatbot to present performance metrics and granular business insights in the form of text, images, and graphs via written or voice commands.

Employee Experience Chatbots Answer Faqs

Answer FAQs

From simple to the most complex FAQs, a chatbot can understand the intent of the user’s query and provide the most accurate and informed answers.

For example, an HR bot can answer, “how many vacation days do I have.” An IT helpdesk bot can answer, “how do I update my antivirus.”

Build your employee enterprise chatbot with BotCore

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Employee Experience Chatbots Low Code Development

Low-code development

With minimalistic coding requirements and a graphical designing interface, our bots can be quickly built and deployed within a few weeks.

Employee Experience Chatbots Ai, Ml, And Nlp

AI, ML, and NLP

Advanced AI, ML, and NLP capabilities allow our bots to decipher the context, learn from past conversations, understand what the user wants, and provide more accurate answers.

Employee Experience Chatbots Multilingual Support

Multilingual support

Our bots can support multiple languages, including French, German, English, Italian, etc., helping you cater to your employees’ needs globally.

Employee Experience Chatbots Virtual Assistant Network

Virtual assistant network

BotCore enables you to create your virtual assistant network by connecting multiple bots in your enterprise and allowing integration with third-party bots from other platforms. We also provide built-in support for LUIS, QnA Maker, and Power Virtual Agents.

Employee Experience Chatbots Chatbot Administration

Chatbot administration

BotCore simplifies bot regulation and monitoring. The built-in training module teaches the bot new concepts; the maintenance mode helps analyze the bot’s actions in response to the requirements; logs help record the bot’s shortcomings and errors.

Employee Experience Chatbots Robust Security Features

Robust security features

BotCore allows you to set security parameters based on your organization’s needs.

We provide five security parameters: user authentication, user authorization, multi-factor authentication, one-time authorization, and channel authorization.

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