Chatbots For Mobile Apps

Upgrade your mobile user experience to deliver a more personalized experience by leveraging AI – Powered chatbots

Chatbots For Mobile Apps

BotCore, an enterprise-grade chatbot builder platform, helps you in creating your organizational chatbot strengthening your customer experience. BotCore’s chatbots help boost user engagement, retain customers, and increase sales by generating more leads

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Many leading organizations today are adding conversational features to their apps in the form of chatbots to improve customer engagement, app retention, conversions, and sales. BotCore helps you build AI-Powered chatbots that enhance the functionality of your apps and make them more user-friendly. Not only do our chatbots help in an improved lead generation and conversion but also personalize your customer experience.

Our chatbots can be integrated with websites and native apps on both android and ios devices.

How our mobile app bots benefit you

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Dedicated Assistance
Dedicated Assistance

Chatbots understand the needs of app users. They provide them with the required information enabling them to take faster and effective actions.

Personalized Marketing
Personalized Marketing

You can use the chatbots to learn about user preferences and buying patterns. This data will enable you to craft personalized marketing strategies for them.

Improved Employee Productivity
Enhanced User Experience

Chatbots can enhance the user experience by providing a seamless assistance to the app users and being available to answer all their basic queries round the clock.

Consultative Help
User Retention

Generally, mobile apps have low user retention, with around 23% apps only being used once. Chatbots improve the adoption and retention rate through Conversational UX capabilities and personalized experience to the users.

Handling Administrative Tasks
Increased Conversions

Identifying why app users are dropping off or not converting is a time-consuming and difficult task. Chatbots increase app conversions by giving personalized guidance in real-time and encouraging users to take an action.

Industrial use cases

Chatbots can be integrated into mobile apps of any industries. A few examples of industrial use cases are as below.

Restaurant apps: Taking orders and offering recommendations
Banking apps: Telling account balance and registering requests and grievances

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How BotCore helped an organization improve its lead conversion rates using mobile app bots

Why you should consider BotCore for your mobile app chatbots

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Strong Credentials

Acuvate leveraged over 15 years of its experience in research, development and design to come up with BotCore. Today, 25+ Fortune organizations are using our enterprise bots.

Easier Deployment

Enterprise-Grade Platform

With BotCore you don’t require coding knowledge to build bots. Besides, you can host it on both on-premise and cloud environments securely.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

With BotCore, you can build bots that meet your business requirements and are aligned with your strategic goals.

Chatbot Building

Bot Performance

BotCore allows you to monitor the performance of your bots using analytics. This includes conversation effectiveness, user adoption, the number of conversions and several other parameters.

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