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Chatbot conversations will deliver $8 billion in cost savings by 2022
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Chatbots are being widely used by businesses. But what does it take to build a truly advanced and enterprise-grade chatbot? Let’s explore!

Essential Components Of Chatbot
  • Conversational UX

An excellent Conversational UX is key to drive adoption and helps users reach their goal in the shortest time with maximum end-user experience. It enables bots to conduct human-like conversations.

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms enable chatbots to learn from previous conversations, and deliver better responses in the future.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is a technological process that allows chatbots to understand the meaning behind users’ natural language inputs and then deliver relevant responses.

  • Sentiment Analysis

The technology with which chatbots can analyze users’ input text or voice and understand their emotions and gauge their mood.

  • Multilingual 

Multilingual chatbots are capable of understanding and conversing in different languages. This ability enables bots to cater to a wide range of audience across countries. 

  • Analytics & Administration

Chatbot platforms need to have an administration module in which you can track the bot’s performance, do maintenance activities and train the bot. 

  • RPA

By integrating with back-office RPA bots, chatbots can capture information from legacy systems that lack modern APIs and perform actions on behalf of users.

  • Voice Bots

The next-generation of enterprise chatbots are voice-based. Voice bots relieve users from having to use their keyboard or mouse to send messages.

  • Cognitive Abstraction

Using cognitive abstraction, chatbot platforms can leverage any AI service available today and will scale for future services.

Build A Modern Enterprise Chatbot!

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