How Chatbots are Revolutionizing The HR Department

From recruitment to onboarding to delivering a stellar employee experience to reducing cost-per-contact, Chatbots offer numerous use cases for the HR department. As someone who helped deploy multifaceted HR chatbots for Fortune 500 companies, SMBs and start-ups, we created this infographic to educate you on the how AI chatbots can solve complex challenges of the HR department.

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57 percent of Job candidates are either “fairly” or “extremely” comfortable interacting with AI applications when answering initial questions during the application and interview process.

66 percent of Job Candidates are either “fairly” or “extremely” comfortable interacting with bots during the scheduling and interview preparation process.

99% of respondents say it’s valuable for employees to feel they could find information on a maternity leave or other company policies in the evening or after hours.

92% of HR leaders agree that in the future chatbots will be important to direct employees to find the information they need.

2/3 of respondents feel that their employees are very comfortable using chatbots, especially for retrieval of information

Within the next 3 years 75% of HR leaders said they’d be working with intelligent machines.

Challenges for HR department

Resolving repeated requests

HR teams typically spend a lot of time answering basic questions of employees and resolving their requests. More than 70% of the time of HR teams is wasted on responding to the same requests.

Employees can’t find essential information

Employees often can’t find answers for key questions l “How to file a complaint” or “Where can I apply for leave?” or “what are the company employee policies” and have to search in different applications or wait for HR team’s response.


The average cost-for-hire for companies is $4129. Job recruitment process is a major tedious process for HR teams. They have to manually answer candidate FAQs, collect resumes, schedule interviews, undergo the strain of qualifying candidates and what not.

How Bots Can Help?

Pull information

Employees can ask natural language questions like “How many leaves I have remaining?”, “What are the company policies on harassment?” and other FAQs to the chatbot and get information at their fingertips without depending on the HR team.

Get tasks done

Chatbots provide a self-service option for employees. Simple tasks like applying for leaves, joining a company program/activity etc. can be done within their actively messaging app and users don’t have to open a portal or ask colleagues.

Send alerts

Chatbots push personalized alerts related to company policies, leaves, rewards etc. to users. Employees don’t have to open or navigate through the intranet or any other system to find updates.

Automate the Recruitment Process

Right from collecting resumes or feedbacks to asking qualifying questions and shortlisting candidates to improving employer branding, chatbots automate the entire recruitment process saving time and effort for HR teams.

Benefits and ROI

Decrease Cost-per-hire by 25% |  Reduce Cost-per-ticket by 28% | Improve Employee Experience | Boost Employee and HR team productivity | Save hours of manual labour for HR teams |

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