Manage High Call Volume During Covid 19 Using Call Deflection & Ai
Manage High Call Volume During COVID-19 Using AI & Call Deflection

Manage High Call Volume During COVID-19 Using Call Deflection & AI The COVID-19 pandemic, and the unique challenges it has posed, has engulfed customers in a wave of fear and uncertainty and put organizations in a jiffy. There has been

How Chatbots Help You Reduce Customer Service Cost
How chatbots help you reduce customer service costs

As businesses today incorporate AI and automation technology into their customer service workflows and day to day business in general, chatbots are a high-value addition to the mix.  However, what business stakeholders really want to know are the different ways

7 Actionable Tips To Reduce Contact Center Call Volume
7 Actionable Tips To Reduce Contact Center Call Volume

Providing a great customer experience while reducing call volume and costs is the ultimate goal of any contact center. Over the years, contact centers have invested in various types of customer-facing technologies – right from IVR, CTI, CRM, ACD to

Envisioning The Work Life Of An Employee In A Chatbot Driven Enterprise
Envisioning The Work-Life Of An Employee In A Chatbot-Driven Enterprise

Meet Nathan. He has recently joined ABC Corp. as a Marketing Manager. The new job means a new city and the tension associated with relocation. But one thing that Nathan is thankful for is that the hiring and on-boarding process

Service Management
How AI will Impact IT Service Management

If anyone were to put together a list of technologies with the greatest potential, Artificial Intelligence (AI) would undoubtedly top it. AI is maximizing effective utilization of technology in the workplace and altering the business workflow to its best form.In

Employee It Self Service
Why Your Employee IT Self-Service Needs Bots Instead of Portals

Robotic virtual assistants on the enterprise side are known for their ability to expedite internal inquiries and save time for employees. Reports estimate $8 billion in annual savings from chatbots, with 80 percent of businesses considering implementing them. Chatbots allow your

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