4 Top B2b Chatbot Use Cases You Must Know 1
4 Top B2B Chatbot Use Cases You Must Know

If you are wondering how to make your sales teams more efficient, leaner, highly predictable and motivated and reduce training costs, chatbots are the answer. This blog post will explore why.Chatbots are making headlines in the B2B marketing world as

4 Amazing Chatbots 1
4 Amazing Things Enterprise Chatbots Can Do For Users

A report by Markets and Markets reveals that the chatbots market is set to be worth 3,172.0 Million USD by 2021. It isn’t too far fetched, at this point, to claim that bots just may be one of the most popular AI

Digital Workplace Chatbots Blog Image
Chatbots: AI’s Most Practical Use Case for The Digital Workplace

WHAT DOES A DIGITAL WORKPLACE STAND FOR? A survey by the SMG/CMSWire and Digital Workplace Group as an industry insight for the 2017 Digital Workplace Experience conference revealed that 95 percent of organizations agree that a digital workplace is important.There are several

How Chatbots Skyrocket
How Chatbots Skyrocket The Adoption of Your Business Intelligence

Out of the many Artificial Intelligence technologies present today, AI-powered chatbots noticeably make it to the most popular and trending segment.Forrester in its TechRadar report on AI technologies even refers to these virtual agents as “the current darling of media”.But whenever the applications of

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