4 Top B2b Chatbot Use Cases You Must Know 1
4 Top B2B Chatbot Use Cases You Must Know

If you are wondering how to make your sales teams more efficient, leaner, highly predictable and motivated and reduce training costs, chatbots are the answer. This blog post will explore why. Chatbots are making headlines in the B2B marketing world

4 Amazing Chatbots 1
4 Amazing Things Enterprise Chatbots Can Do For Users

A report by Markets and Markets reveals that the chatbots market is set to be worth 3,172.0 Million USD by 2021. It isn’t too far fetched, at this point, to claim that bots just may be one of the most popular AI

Top Chatbot Use Cases In Different Industries 2
Top chatbot use cases in different industries

Chatbots are proliferating in every industry known to humans. Almost 80 percent of businesses look forward to investing or deploy in chatbots by 2020. With penetrating adoption rate, the production and implementation of chatbots would also increase. The interesting part is that

Compass Retail
Important Use Cases and Examples of Chatbots For The Retail Industry

There is no denying the fact that technology and automation have rapidly transformed the way business is done. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular, has given rise to interesting speculations about how rapidly robots will take over the

How Chatbots Can Simplify The Recruitment Process Blog Image
How Chatbots Can Simplify the Recruitment Process

According to CareerBuilder, over 67% of the applicants have a positive impression about organizations who keep them updated throughout the application process. However, it is a herculean task for recruiters to provide regular updates to every one of the aspirants participating

It Helpdesk Sla 1
How Chatbots Can Help IT Helpdesk Teams Hit SLA Target

30 percent of tickets are password-reset related despite the fact that 69% of support teams allow their customers to reset at least some of their passwords without contacting the IT helpdesk – HDI Ensuring that an IT help desk or service

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