How To Convince Your Leadership To Deploy Enterprise Chatbots
How To Convince Your Leadership To Deploy Enterprise Chatbots

From customer support, business intelligence, service management, lead generation to information retrieval, chatbots have gained widespread adoption across functions. The reason why organizations are actively embracing bot technology is that chatbots not only have several high value business use cases

How Are Chatbots Boosting The Crm Adoption Rates (1)
How Are Chatbots Boosting The CRM Adoption Rates

CRMs and the adoption problem Less than 40% of businesses have a CRM adoption rate over 90% - CSO Insights. One of the biggest challenges organizations face with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms is the low usability and adoption rates.

7 Quick Tips For Designing A Chatbot Personality
7 quick tips for designing a chatbot personality

One of the key factors for creating better conversational user experiences (CUX) and driving chatbot user adoption is the chatbot personality. Having the right personality enables the chatbot to conduct human-like, rich, personalized and relatable conversations with users and establishes

How Chatbots Help You Reduce Customer Service Cost
How chatbots help you reduce customer service costs

As businesses today incorporate AI and automation technology into their customer service workflows and day to day business in general, chatbots are a high-value addition to the mix.  However, what business stakeholders really want to know are the different ways

7 Actionable Tips To Reduce Contact Center Call Volume
7 Actionable Tips To Reduce Contact Center Call Volume

Providing a great customer experience while reducing call volume and costs is the ultimate goal of any contact center. Over the years, contact centers have invested in various types of customer-facing technologies – right from IVR, CTI, CRM, ACD to

Voice Assistants In Digital Workplace Blog Image
How Voice Assistants Are Transforming The Enterprise Workplace

Leading industry analysts like Gartner predict that voice assistants are gaining a firm hold in the workplace. It is believed that by 2021, 25% of the entire digital workforce will use a virtual employee assistant. Another interesting prediction that Gartner makes is

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