4 Ways Marketing Teams Can Use Chatbots Blog Image 1
4 Ways Marketing Teams Can Use Chatbots

Chatbots and virtual assistants have created a  major paradigm shift in how humans interact with technology. The ability to chat through text or talk using voice with applications, services and brands are fueling this wave of innovation.With the power of artificial

4 Amazing Chatbots 1
4 Amazing Things Enterprise Chatbots Can Do For Users

A report by Markets and Markets reveals that the chatbots market is set to be worth 3,172.0 Million USD by 2021. It isn’t too far fetched, at this point, to claim that bots just may be one of the most popular AI

Whats Big In Chatbots In 2018 And Beyond
What’s Big in Chatbots in 2018 and Beyond

“BOTS ARE THE NEW APPS” – SATYA NADELLANoticeably Chatbots or bots are one of the most popular AI technologies and often referred to as “the darling of media”. Chatbots have been the buzzword in the tech industry for the past

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