Compass Retail
Important Use Cases and Examples of Chatbots For The Retail Industry

Important Use Cases And Examples Of Chatbots For The Retail Industry There is no denying the fact that technology and automation have rapidly transformed the way business is done. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular, has given rise

Service Management
How AI will Impact IT Service Management

How AI Will Impact IT Service Management If anyone were to put together a list of technologies with the greatest potential, Artificial Intelligence (AI) would undoubtedly top it. AI is maximizing effective utilization of technology in the workplace and altering

Enterprise Chatbot Platform
What are enterprise chatbot platforms and what are they for?

What Are Enterprise Chatbot Platforms And What Are They For? “Bots are the new apps” says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, “Individual apps are out, Bots are in” says Gartner. While Chatbots are the new technological buzzword in the enterprise world,

Human Hand Off
Human Hand-off in Service Desk Bots

Human Hand-Off In Service Desk Bots Have you ever wondered if your Bot is “intelligent” enough to handle all possible conversations with the end user? What if the Bot needs to transition the conversation to a live human agent to ensure maximum

Different Ways Business
Different ways your business can use chatbots

Different Ways Your Business Can Use Chatbots ‘80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020’ is projected by Oracle. While there are some are rule-based chatbots built for simpler tasks, the story is treading towards AI powered chatbots for intelligent and complex

How Can Ai Bots Increase It Helpdesk Support Efficiency
How Can AI Bots Increase IT Helpdesk Support Efficiency?

How Can AI Bots Increase IT Helpdesk Support Efficiency? In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, enterprises are constantly facing challenges to balance the act of minimizing costs and driving efficiencies.In the enterprise, IT helpdesk has become an indispensable part of

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