Build your on-premise chatbots with BotCore for absolute control, better data security, and more flexibility

BotCore is a chatbot building platform which helps you build multi-purpose chatbots on-premise so that you can control and customize them according to your business needs

Chatbots deal with a lot of confidential business data to seamlessly. While hosting them on a third-party cloud can bring efficiency, hosting them on-premise gives sufficient room for customization and helps you monitor your data access and usage more closely.

You can address these concerns by building on-premise chatbots with BotCore and gain absolute control over your data. These chatbots reduce your dependency on vendors by offering greater flexibility and protect your long-term interests. Besides, they cut down on the ongoing costs of hosting.

Know how BotCore helped a large enterprise build a versatile chatbot and host it on-premise to achieve complete in-house dependency.

The 4 steps to peak performance

Control Over Your Systems

On-premise chatbots mean you havebetter control over your infrastructure,data, and support systems.So you do not have to dissolve your control to a third party by connecting to an outside network.


Hosting your chatbots on your server only requires a one-time investment and its ongoing costs are less than those of cloud solutions. This brings down your total cost of ownership over time.

Room for Customization

Cloud solutions are more in alignment with the applications and systems of the vendor. This does not leave a lot of room for customizations. This is another aspect where on-premise chatbots have an advantage.

to Scale

On-premise chatbot hosting enables you to have a continuous maintenance and support available with your dedicated in-house support. Thus there is less or no dependency on the vendor.

Why you should consider BotCore to build your On-premise Chatbot?

On-premise Or Cloud Deployment

Whether on-premise or on
the cloud, BotCore allows you to deploy your chatbot based on your business requirements. Besides, you also get all the necessary maintenance support from BotCore

Easy Chatbot

Building chatbots with BotCore is easy. It does not require you to have any coding skills or programming knowledge to build your on-premise chatbots.


BotCore’s on-premise chatbots come with a 99% uptime. This means there is no lag in its response, irrespective of the number of people using it at the same time.

Analysis And Control

You get necessary insights on the application, usage and performance of your chatbot on a multipurpose dashboard. This feature facilitates version control and sustainability of the support.


Your chatbots become smarter with machine learning features over time. You have the flexibility to train and customize them according to your business and functional requirements.

System Integration

You can easily integrate BotCore’s on-premise chatbots into your current applications, databases, knowledge sources or existing systems. This is even more useful if you are using old legacy applications.

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